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Earphones with remote for an iPhone (Recommendations please)

  1. .Sup
    Hey guys, this is my first thread within this portable headphone forum which means I really need you help and expertise.

    I often ride to work with my bicycle and slightly less often I get calls while I ride. Stopping on the road and taking the phone out is awkward so I would like something that controls not only the volume of the phone but also accepts calls.

    I currently use the Hifiman RE262 which I absolutely love from many perspectives but most of all I like its warm, full sound. Same similar as it gets sound signature with remote that controls an iPhone 5, preferably not around the ear as the earring might get in the way, would make my ride more enjoyable. My budget is around 200€.

    Thanks in advance
  2. jawar
    The Philips S2 are great buy under this budget and they offers remote microphone good punchy bass,very detailed mids, highs, and overall sound very detailed, warm, fun to listen. Other IEMs like GR07, Sennheiser IE80, SM3 are also good buy and you can add Fiio remote control, Microphone (AMPs) to any IEMs for calls.

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