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Westone W4 or Earsonics Sm3?

  1. OnyLink
    Im having trouble deciding which I want. While Westone is cheaper than the Sm3's, I am not sure which I would rather have. The genres I listen to are things like symphonic metal/power metal. I tend to prefer female vocals. (As for metal, I do not like screaming so that's not really a factor.)
    So, if you were to choose one, (or have both) can you tell me the pros are of both in regards to each other.  (What each does better than the other.)
    I know the Sm3's do everything really well, but ive heard it has a poor build quality as well as uncomfortable eartips?
    The Westone W4's I dont know much about, besides they have 4 drivers (Which is that a big factor in this compared to the Sm3's?) And it is a bit airy.

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