1. subguy812

    500.00 and below

    I am looking for an iem in the 500.00 and under range. I own rockit r50's as my primary listening iem's. Musical tastes are rock, classic rock, jazz and blues. Suggestions please.
  2. seunghoyoum

    TF10.... and now what next?

    Owned the triple fi for a year, and I recently lost them. I was so pissed I was out of the head-fi community for a while but not I really can't stand average 10 dollar earphones anymore, I'm back to head-fi now :)   My first thought was to get an upgrade from TF10. I have done my research...
  3. jaganeee

    Reg Channel Sound Balance in Westone 4

    hi   i bought westone 4.   i really like the sound, comfort and Clarity it produces. but sometimes i feel my left ear sounds less than right but i am not able to judge whether it is the earphone mistake or the original music sounds like this i also has brainwaz m1. this sounds no...
  4. markbao

    Westone W4 vs. Audio-Technica CK100

    Hey all,   I recently lost a pair of Klipsch X10s in Cambodia and decided that the day has come to graduate to a higher echelon of auditory enjoyment. I've spent 3.5 billion hours hunched over my computer reading Head-Fi and some other sites, especially the multi-IEM review, to find the best...
  5. Tourmarcom

    Best IEM for RSA Tomahawk & Electronica Music? SE535, Klipsich10, Westone4

    I recently lost my bronze Shure SE535's. Personally I did not like the cable, in particular the connectors (don't personally belieeve a wire should have any breaks in it); I had them 2 years after my previous Shure E5c's died on me which I loved.     Must have's: - Ideal for electronic...
  6. nestea

    Westone 4 , SE535 or Westone UM3X?

    Hi, people, i want to buy some new earphones (IEM), for listening Thrash, heavy, progressive Metal (basically Dream Theater, Iron Maiden...), Hard Rock, a little of Jazz and some Classical. One important thing is that i like to hear the guitar clearly, over all the things. Another important...
  7. Chezzy79

    Need recommendation for a flagship-level headphone

    Over the last year I've been purchasing, auditioning, and selling headphones to search for my favorite set up.  These are what I've had the chance to own so far:   Ultrasone Signature Pro Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 Synphones Magnum V4 in Mahogany cups (made by Benjamin 6264) MCA Fostex T50RP...
  8. ExoticGunplay

    Grado GR10...or.....Westone "4"????

    I am a grado head. I really like their sound signature. I don't own any hi-mid inner ear monitors and was looking for help fellow head-fiers to choose between these 2 if I were able to get them for $270 range. any info would happily appreciated.
  9. Daniel4IEM

    Advice on closed earphones

    Hi all,   Up until now my adventure with headphones has been limited to IEMs. Started off with a pair of Shure's and upgraded about a year or so ago to Westone 4's, which I've loved every minute of. Now I'm looking for something to wear at work to block out noise but can take off and put on...
  10. audioconsumer

    westone 4 with zo2?

    hello there! first off i am very sorry if i didn't post this in the right place but im new to this so please be kind.   i am currently waiting on a pair of westone 4's to be delivered to pair with my colorfly c3 and a digizoid zo2.3. i am trying to find a nice balance between an analytical...
  11. arbitraryname

    Best IEM for classical music listener (my Shure 530 broke!)

    Hi Forum,   I'm looking to buy a new pair of IEMs after my Shure 530s gave out.   My first 530s cables cracked, exposing the copper wire underneath, and my (freely replaced) second pair is starting to break too (the  right earpiece cuts in and out). Unfortunately, I'm past the 2-year...
  12. flohmann

    props and loyalty for Westone and Headroom

    I just had my Westone 3 IEMs stolen in my bag in Milan after nearly 5 years of service. I will be replacing them with the Westone 4, and buying them from Headroom. Here's why:   The Westone 3 was free to me -- I won it in a drawing at Headfest in San Jose in 2007. Some will remember that the...
  13. BOBO Drum

    Shure E535 Vs Westone 4

    Hey Everyone,    I really need some advice im a Drummer and I've decided to upgrade my I.E.M's  im torn between Shure E535s and Westone 4 I play live every week and need something that I can hear the all the instruments clearly especially the bass ! Please help has anyone experience with...
  14. dqope21

    Former Westone 4 Owner looking for new IEM in similar price range

    I owned the W4's for about 2 years and just recently lost them sadly :(.  Now, I'm on the search for a new set of IEM's in that similar price range.  I found the W4's to be very pure but a bit boring. The sound was very balanced but I would prefer something more engaging and exciting this time...
  15. HeroicPenguin

    [Review] FitEar F111, Westone 4, and Grado GR10: A Beautiful Midrange

    These are just a few thoughts on IEMs that I’ve had with me. I’ve been searching for the perfect IEM for quite some time. I don’t want to go down the path of customs (yet), so I’ve stuck with universals for quite some time. I recently had my eye on the FitEar F111 (which I heard had beautiful...
  16. MagellanR14

    Looking for a new IEM in the $75 to $300+ price range

    I am a hiphop head but listen to all kinds of music (metal, rock, dubstep, etc.). I dont want a bleeding base but I want it to be fun... I also love nice highs so I can hear the singing in songs nicely. Additionally, isolation is fairly important to me. I don't really know what to look at, so...
  17. Profoundsoup

    Need help deciding on new IEM's / Closed headphones but ive kinda given up on the closed headphones lol

    Would you guys say the Shure SE535 / Westone UM3X / Audeo PFE 232 / and the Westone W4 sound better than any under $1000 closed headphone on the market? If so witch one out of the 3 is the most comfortable and sounds the best? Please comment below. Thank you!!!    Edit - Im not looking for...
  18. joseph0042

    Portable Headphone recommendations

    Hey guys, just to give a quick background I have the shure se215's (that have been taken over by my wife) and the sennheiser hd598's. The 598's are great, but I am looking to get another set of headphones as I seem to have gotten an small audiophile addiction since coming here. I am looking for...
  19. JohnSantana

    Westone W4 recabling suggestion

    Hi People, I got my Westone 4 cable issue, one of the side has got a micro cut which left me with only one working IEM. what's your suggestion and recalling option that i can take without damaging the internal housing or making it as customs ?
  20. fourthwall

    ER4 -What am I missing?

    This subject's probably been covered Ad nauseam but I've yet to find a definitive answer. I currently have a pair of Westone 4 IEms and they are very nice. But I looked into the Etymotic ER4 and found that it has a near ideal EQ curve, being mostly perceptually flat. But people complain of...
  21. joshjp

    Want new headphones $350 budget

    Hi guys/girls, this is my first post here, as you can tell from the title im looking for some new Headphones below $350, ok so first i will tell you what i currently have, i have the Harman Kardon CL, they are good, but i finnd them to be to forward sonding, and there is to much sibblince in the...
  22. TurbinePro

    Westone W1/2/3/4/5/6-0 Impression thread

    I haven't found one, so here it is.   I personally have the W40 and pair it up with the Fiio X3. What an enjoyable pair of headphones. I also like how they are so discreet and humble on the outside. 
  23. shadow82x

    I have two pairs of the same earphone....But they sound different?

    I'm not sure if I'm going crazy here or not. But I recently tried out and briefly reviewed the Klipsch R6M. I ordered a second one with the intention of returning the first because the remote was acting funky on my original. So I open up this second one, without burning in, and it sounds...
  24. Mcarter3

    Replacement for my Westone 3's

    Thread has been relocated to Help and Recommendation section. Apologies      Been quite a while since I have been on the site. I have my dream setup for over ears and amp and have been very happy with my portable rig (Ipod 5 running rockbox and westone 3's) until the time I decide to try...
  25. iwn730

    My westone 4s went through the washer and dryer. o.0

    Hello everyone, I unfortunately had my westone 4s in their case and went through the wash and dryer and a few hours later I plugged them in and they worked. My question is will the sound quality be affected after going through the wash and drier? Thanks