Westone 4 , SE535 or Westone UM3X?
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Mar 22, 2013
Hi, people, i want to buy some new earphones (IEM), for listening Thrash, heavy, progressive Metal (basically Dream Theater, Iron Maiden...), Hard Rock, a little of Jazz and some Classical.
One important thing is that i like to hear the guitar clearly, over all the things.
Another important thing is that it must be durable, i don't want to break the cable.
I'M NOT A BASSHEAD. My mother has some Beats Solo and I dont like them... They have a lot of Bass, but not good bass, an excessive and loud bass.
So, I was wondering which of these is the most appropiate for me.
I'm  from Spain so i will buy from Earphone Solutions or Amazon (co.uk or .es, but not from amazon.com)
My maximum budget is 299 euros, but i can wait if there is something better.
My principal options are Westone 4r, Westone UM3X, Shure 425, Shure 535, Earsonic SM3.
I would play them through an iPod Touch with .flac files (converted to .alac), without amp or DAC.
What should I buy?
What would you recommend me?
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Dec 14, 2012
The UM3x are great with guitar based music and they are very detailed with good punchy bass and superb imaging.. Others IEMs like UE900, Sony EX1000, PFE232 and ATH_CK100Pro are also good match for guitars sounding good on these IEMs.

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