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Has anyone tried combining two universals to a custom reshell?

  1. asdafaasda
    Right now, I am trying to decide whether or not I should stuff the drivers of SM3v2s with the drivers of the TF 10 in a reshell, I'm not even sure if something similar has been attempted before, but do you think that it will work?
    I'm thinking
    1 SM3 and 1 TF 10 driver for lows or 2 TF 10 drivers for lows
    1 SM3 driver for mids
    1 SM3 and 1 TF 10 driver for highs.
    If anyone could provide their input, it would be great! I'm still not too sure about how BAs work, especially ones with multiple drivers for the same frequency range.
  2. MuZo2
    I dont think it would be worth to combine drivers. Someone will have to redo crossover, and you never know how it would sound like. So unless you have two broken universals  I dont think its worth to combine two and make a frankenstine CIEM.
    On UM thread you can find more info.

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