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Spend $550 on IE80 + Toxic Silver cables or something else?

  1. jinque
    Hi All, I've had IE8s for 2 years and need to replace them (too much wear and tear / accidents unfortunately). I love the outstanding soundstage and bass of the IE8s, so looking to buy IE80s with Toxic's silver cable which would run about $550. Both would come overseas to the US so I wanted to consider all options, even if a little more expensive, before pulling the trigger. Music type consist mainly of Acoustics, EDM, pop/country, and with mostly female vocals. It's for on the go use and would be running through my ipod touch (+Fiio E17 sometimes) and Nexus 4 phone.Thanks!
    I will recommend to try something different like JVC FX700(excelent for natural instruments), Sony EX1000, RE272, SM3 and Westone4R, they all offers great soundquality compared to IE8. Also few are amazing with instrumental music and has large soundstage like IE8 or close.
  3. Poetik
    If you really like the ie8 then I see no reason why you wouldn't want to try the ie80.  if you end up going with something else, you'd probably always wonder what the ie80 sounded like anyways. 
  4. ss2625
    id def go for some others at that price. $550 from overseas is quite a bit. esp when iems like w4 can be found for much less, with usa warranty
  5. Usejimmy
    Hello everyone!
    I have a question about my Sennheiser IE 80.
    I listen mostly to Trance and RNB with much Bass, Sound Stage and Qlarity/Details.
    I would like to replace the cabel for a better sounding one, other then that original that comes along with the earphones but I dont relly know if it would effect the sound quality.
    My price range is somewhere around 45$, if it's enough to improve the sound. There is many different replace cables too choose among on Ebay, it needs to be black so it fits my personal style.
    I have allready loked to some cables but would be glad to get some tips about the different cables quality.
    I have linked some different cabels that I have been wondering about, perhaps some of you guys have any further experience of these. Please do come with comments and more suggestions.
    Many Thx Jimmy :)
  6. jinque
    The 1st one linked broke for me after 3 months. I wouldn't go with the cheaper 2nd one either.
  7. Berkovajazz
    550?mmm... try something else. Heir Audio, Westone, UE900 or good dynamics like
  8. roy_jones
    Not much worse value than pouring money into cable upgrades when you could get a better IEM. 
  9. fuzzyash
    theres also the aurisonic asg2 to consider
  10. kskwerl

    I'm confused about this iem, I can't find it on their site. Is it the AS-2? I don't see ASG-2, can anyone link me please thanks luv ya bai
  11. fuzzyash
    check out their facebook page- not much to sift through
    i think theres a post on there from around dec 2012 about pricing but you'll have to email them to be sure
    the asg-2 is the universal fit model
    i think theres 2-3 threads on head fi about them
  12. kskwerl

    Thanks man, I only ask because when I go to their website I simply cannot find anything labelled ASG-2
  13. Theta Alpha 1
    Consider the ATH-CKS1000 or CKW1000 instead. 
    When I asked Toxic Cables about if there had been any blind testing done he customer service was very rude and immature.
  14. Usejimmy
    Well i just bought my Sennheiser IE 80 and will not buy another one.
    I just wonder if a cable change for around 45$ would make any difference in the sound quality, other then that original that comes along with the earphones.
    One of the cables i been locking at Ebay are braided with 4X OFC (Oxygen-free copper) and 4X 4N Silver plated wire with a Teflon insulation. + 24K Gold plated (3um thickness) copper pin connectors and WBT 4% silver solder.
  15. kskwerl

    there's gotta be other places you can get a replacement cable besides ebay, how about BTG Audio? Brian from BTG is a really cool dude and makes great cables

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