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IEM for hans zimmer

  1. jpmaster
    I'm newly on the market for new headphones. I already have a full size headphone for at home. Which iem do you guys recommend for hans zimmer's music in the 100-400 dollar range (man of steel soundtrack is awesome btw)? thanks.
  2. zowki
    Cinematic music sounds best with neutral IEMs. I would chose the Hifiman RE400 or Etymotic ER4S.
  3. whoever
    really? you want to get a headphone for ONE artist? 
    thats what i call an investment! [​IMG]
  4. sofastreamer
    this one is easy: re400
  5. Buckchoi NZ
    I was actually listening to that very soundtrack (from start to finish) just a few hours ago on my RE-400.
  6. jawar
    If you want to hear more bass line the go with JVC FXZ200, FX700 and if need more balance presentation then Sony EX1000, Westone 4, UE900, ATH_CK100Pro, 4Ai and UM3x are great buy with very detailed sound and shows more hidden details in music.
  7. jpmaster
    haha no but his soundtracks are amazing. Even though asked for recs for only hans you guys recommended all of the headphones i was looking at anyway. 
    one more question. do any of these iems need amping? i have the fiio e11 for on the go but i dont really want to invest more into amping.
    also are the er4p worth the 150 dollar jump from the re400? and the same for the W4 over the er4p?
  8. vwinter
    His scores are mainly orchestral in nature though he's mixing in synthesizers more lately, but usually not wholistically recorded. You probably want something with good timbre for brass and drums and strings, a relatively forward projected hall-like soundstage, a slight midbass boost, strong imaging characteristics, and good dynamics.
  9. jpmaster
    which headphones do you think match those characteristics?
  10. Auuster
    I would like to sugggest the Vsonic GR07 balanced and for 170, they are not a bad choice.  
    And would SM3s be a good fit for this?
  11. eke2k6
    Ooooh yeesss.
    The GR07 sounds amazing with Zimmer's tracks. I really believe the GR07 has some of the bast bass texture and speed you can get from a dynamic, and it shows in that kind of music. The only downside though is that it lacks soundstage height compared to its peers. Otherwise, the GR07 is my foremost and sole recommendation.
  12. vwinter
    I've been out of touch with new models that have strong performance so I was more hoping someone else could recommend something off of my description or that you could use it when doing research.
    I could easily recommend the GR07 also or the BA200 in that price range. They'll do the music justice with the BA200 having slightly worse timbre but more midbass authority and better separation, but its a matter of soundstage width vs depth, respectively.
    Maybe look at some reviews of the UE900 as those seem to be pretty well regarded for doing a lot of things well.
  13. jpmaster
    Thanks for the reply your description was very helpful when reading reviews. I am actually getting the ue900 as a replacement for my broken tf10s but i had such a bad experience with build quality and customer service im not planning on buying from ue again. but the gr07, ba200, er4p, w4, and re400 are all on my list of possibilities. 
    one more quick question of the headphones i just listed which of them is the best for other genres of music as well? from what ive read its the w4 but im just not sure.
  14. vwinter
    If you tell me which genre's you are hoping will work, I can let you know about the BA200 and the GR07 and if they excel at them.
    The ER4 and the RE400 people will likely say they are amazing with everything, just kidding, don't kill me guys. I have no idea about the W4 except that they are pretty highly regarded.
  15. jpmaster
    well I didnt specify because i really listen to everything except for country. my favorite artists just for examples are imagine dragons, hans, daft punk, armin van buuren (his techno classical intros are amazing), of mosters and men, and adele (especially the skyfall theme song).

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