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Custom IEM choice (only a few choices due to country restrictions )

  1. Hyl
    I have finally decided on getting a pair of custom IEM's after using universals for so long and i don't think that there are better choices for universals than the SM3 and ATH-ck100 that I own.
    Because i live in the Netherlands, i am limited to only a few iem's that i can buy. I don't prefer buying them outside my country, because it's probably very complicated and expensive if there is something wrong with them (refitting, cable issue etc.)
    So my only choices are due to my budget of € 900
    Westone es2 ( 2 way, 2 drivers and westone is very known for it's quality  ) € 882  including taxes
    ACS T1 (also 3 way, 3 drivers. Less known than westone and slightly cheaper) € 799 including taxes
    IEM-C5 (3 way, 5 drivers. A new company called Cinepaq in the netherlands. It has good reviews on their own website, but i have my doubts because it's pretty new. The price is overall lower than the other 2 ) € 803 including taxes
    I haven't called any of those 3 yet if the price has the impressions included yet.
    So far I am leaning towards the ACS-T1 or the possibly technical superior IEM-c5. But the westone es2 fits in my budget, but it's technical inferior to the acs-t1 but westone is probably the best well known 3 companies of the 3.
    Or is better to order customs from another country?
  2. ZARIM
    The budget is enough to buy any very highend IEMs directly like Westone ES5, JH13Pro, UM Miracle and they sound amazing.
  3. Hyl
    Unfortunately the es5 costs much more in europe than in the USA. Around 1100 euros
  4. kc168
    There are really many suppliers around my part of world (Hong Kong), I recently have opportunity to discuss with a sort of marketing director, found the Heir Audio 5 drivers & higher models are pushing real hard to the market, they are obviously fighting for marketshare with Noble. Last year Heir Audiio offered several times really big discount, 10-25% on different models. I remembered they're contacted me for replacement directly on the 3 A! Just some info FYI!
  5. kc168
    Hyl, btw, I also noticed Cinemaq, their GOLD CIEM really draw my attention! I tried several times to ask their offer but never respond??? Any price Idea of that shinny candy? PM me if you need my help on the purchase of Heir & I might need yours in Holland!

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