1. theyazzern

    spare some advice for a palpably novice headfier........about tube amps/dacs

    Hey all, I am currently in the market for a reasonably priced(sub 400 $) tube amp/dac combo for home use.   My criteria are as follows:   1) The aforementioned price limit. 2)a decent DAC Topology. 3) Ability to compliment a wide array of headphones. 4) Ability to plug straight into a pc...
  2. AlanHell

    List of entry level TUBE amps + mod for less than $300

    Hi, I am new the to tube amp and wanna to have a sub $300 entry tube amp for my office setup. I am not looking for detail, attack, speed or treble energy since I already have very good SS amp setups with very good Dynamic full size headphones. I just want to have some taste on the tube roll off...
  3. thope

    Are there any good hi-output earphones out there.

    I am looking for earphones that are fun sounding with a lot of impact. All the ones I have are starting to feel too clinical.    Currently own: EX1000 (too clean),  X10 Klipsch (distort too quickly), UE700 (not enough sound pressure)
  4. autumnholy

    Ocharaku: Flat-4-Sui. The Sound of Tea.

    Imagine yourself sipping warm tea while the sound of flowing fountain inside your ears.   That's Flat-4-Sui, an IEM of art.   First and foremost, this IEM has a V-Shaped FR. The mids (especially vocals) are laid back.   The story thus far: I've been listening on my Shure SE535LTD...
  5. Genuwine

    IEM that covers it all budet 400$, 500$

    Hello everyone I need a top tier universal. I'm coming from the Re262, Vsonic Gr07 Mk II, and i want a new IEM that can present music in a different or maybe better way. IEM's i was looking at were are the Earsonics SM3, FX700, Sony MDR Ex1000, ortofon eq7, and possibly the Heir Audio
  6. jpmaster

    IEM for hans zimmer

    I'm newly on the market for new headphones. I already have a full size headphone for at home. Which iem do you guys recommend for hans zimmer's music in the 100-400 dollar range (man of steel soundtrack is awesome btw)? thanks.
  7. charlie875578

    Best IEM for Classic Rock?

    What are some IEM's that would be ideal for classic rock? Trying to keep it under $500.
  8. CyrusCR

    Sony EX1000 Vs Klipsch X10

    Hi Guys i wanna to buy one o this please help me to best choice i listen Pop&Hip Hop
  9. daniel521

    IEM that is balanced but fun?

    I had purchased the PFE232 because I thought their v-shaped signature would be fun and energetic. I was wrong because their mids were too recessed for me and I wasn't impressed, they definitely weren't fun for me. After returning them, I tried looking for a mid-centric model here at head-fi, but...
  10. Spyro

    UE900 versus EX-1000

    Can anyone that has had both comment on which might be preferred or the noted differences?  From what I read I take it they sound very similar except the EX-1000 does NOT have much of a treble roll-off making it quite more revealing but almost too much making it a bit too hot on many recordings...
  11. mark2410

    Sony MDR-EX1000 Quick Review

    Sony MDR-EX1000 Quick Review   Thanks to SwimSonny for the loan.       Brief:  Sony shows what it can do when its wants to.   Price: Circa £400   Specification:  Driver Unit 16mm, Dome type (CCAW adopted), Sensitivity 108dB/mW, Power Handling Capacity 200mW, Impedance 32ohms at 1kHz...
  12. azureaura

    33rd birthday, XBA 4ip vs EX-1000

    Which one should I ask for from my wife? The XBA 4ip has good isolation, good separation and layering from instruments, but is not very neutral. My music stock is pop, rock and dance.   The EX-1000 is neutral, softer and more realistic with the bass and the midrange. Treble is brighter.  ...
  13. jinque

    Spend $550 on IE80 + Toxic Silver cables or something else?

    Hi All, I've had IE8s for 2 years and need to replace them (too much wear and tear / accidents unfortunately). I love the outstanding soundstage and bass of the IE8s, so looking to buy IE80s with Toxic's silver cable which would run about $550. Both would come overseas to the US so I wanted to...
  14. shadowspine

    What IEM Should I Buy? Under $500

    I am looking for a new pair of IEM. I listen to alot of classic rock, some acoustic, jazz, country,metal, classical.. so pretty much everything but the majority is the classic rock. I would perfer them to have detachable cables and be as neutral sounding as possible. Soundstage/Presnetation and...
  15. sup3r8

    audeo pfe 232 > mdr ex 1000 ?

    hello head-fiers..   My first post here. I have been trolling the forums as long as I can remember and owe my audio purchases to you folks. many thanks! I currently own the sony mdr ex 1000 and though a lot of opinions suggested how the iem may not be best suited for metal music, I...


    First off let me say that i am a brandnew user to iems . i am on the go alot ,work in nyc and i take the busses and subways every night . The first thing i wanted and needed to buy was a MP3 player. I wound up buying a sony 8 gb . nice little player . i think. after i bought it ,i wound up...
  17. Sylafari

    Completed Sony MDR EX-1000 Cosmetic Mod Pictures on Post #3

    From the opinions I have seen on the site, the lettering on the Sony MDR EX-1000 rubs off pretty easily. As my pair is arriving I was wondering if a simple use of Clearcoat would solve the problem. Obviously I will be masking the earphones so that only the certain area will be sprayed with a...
  18. Sludig

    Sony MDR-EX1000 or Earsonics SM3

    Hi!   I´m reading about Sony MDR-EX1000 and SM3, wich are some of the best earphones at this moment. If you have tried both of them, I want to ask what do you think about this: Sony MDR-EX1000 or Earsonics SM3?   Also, if you have tried the Sony MDR-EX600, do you think that they are...
  19. mastershake2393

    Compared: EX1000, CK100, and FX700

    EDIT: I will be doing only a review for the UM3X as I no longer have it on my person. However, I will still be able to compare the EX1000 and CK100 before my EX1000 goes bye-bye. And finally, there will be an addition to this thread later this week... ;)   For whatever reason, I haven't...
  20. leylandi

    instability : SONY EX1000 VS 7550 ?

    Do you have any of these headphones sibilance status?I do not want treble level is disturbing.Which of the alternative rock-jazz, according to him will make the appropriatepreference.Which of these two HD 600 headphones sound is closer to the sound character offame.thank you
  21. Sylafari

    Sony MDR EX-1000 Disappointment (I Need Help!)

    So I purchased the Sony MDR EX-1000s about a couple of months ago on that Amazon sale. Its been a couple of months and hundreds of hours in college listening to them, and honestly compared to my LCD-2s, they don't hold a candle to them in any department. I remember the TripleFi's and RE0s even...
  22. spkrs01

    Would it be worthwhile buying a pair of Sony MDR ex1000 to compliment W4s and red se535s with 3rd party cable

    I have been in this hobby for just over 6mnths. My first purchase was the W4s, then the JVC 51s(lost), Sony ex310  to try out the fit before buying a pair of ex1000. My intentions were to buy the ex1000s, but a few weeks ago bought the red 535s with a Baldur mk2 cable for less than the retail...
  23. wsrox

    ex1000 best place to buy?

    Between the westone 4 and mdr ex1000, I decided to go with ex1000. I am searching for the best deal for ex1000. If you know any trustworthy site or seller, please tell me! But I really want the warranty because it is quite expensive iem's. Thanks!
  24. milkyspray

    should I buy Grado gr10 if I already have mdr ex1000?

    Hi everyone!   I was wondering if buying the GR10 would be worth the money and would I be experience a significant difference in listening. I listen to all types of music from Trance, Indie Dance, to Hip hop and acoustic guitar artist like Tommy Emmanuel.   I really don't want to blow 4...
  25. DonkeyRhubarb

    Sony EX 1000 or Shure SE535

    I've done so much searching and reading and researching and I just can't decide which one of these to get!   My first set of proper in ear phones were Sonys. I remember when I got them, they were mid range price. (can't remember the exact model). Put on a song I was very familiar with and...