1. galaxygrrl

    Suggestions on Earphones

    Hi all,    So, I'm on the market for a new set of headphones given I just lost my IE 8s :(  And I thought I would ask people for suggestions of what to look at.     I loved my Shure 535's becasue they were good with the mids, not to heavy on the base and sounded great for Jazz, talk...
  2. Mulder89

    Which pair of IEM should I go for?

    Hi everyone! First post on head-fi! I'm not exactly what you would call an audiophile as most members here are but I've learned to appreciate good sound mostly thanks to my father's passion for Hi-fi. Anyways I'm currently looking to replace my Sennheiser MM30i in ear earphones which I guess...
  3. Asmodeuss1990

    Newbie to purchasing high quality IEMs - Seeking a pair for 200$ or less that are great for heavy metal

    Basically... I'm a metalhead. I DO listen to just about all genre's of music like rap, classic rock, dubstep, trance, and so many other genres of music its ridiculous. So to give you an example of how much music I enjoy I have 17,000 songs+.  However my most favorite genre of music has always...
  4. Forsakenfire

    Time for a new pair.

    My RE-262s finally gave in today after about a year and a half, and now some suggestions for a new pair would be most appreciated. My budget is about $100-$200. I listen to a lot of rock and metal, so something mid focused would probably be best. If it could be a pair that doesn't really need an...
  5. Icytom

    Best In-Ear headphones for under or around $150.00?

    I am looking for some higher end headphones on a budget but I dont know much about what is on the market. Please help.
  6. takowhut

    Any IEMs that require amps?

    My understanding is that most IEMs already sound good unamped, but out of my curious mind I'd wish to know if there are cases of otherwise. I have a 2nd hand d10 on the way so I'd want to audition some good pairs one day...
  7. .Sup

    Earphones with remote for an iPhone (Recommendations please)

    Hey guys, this is my first thread within this portable headphone forum which means I really need you help and expertise. I often ride to work with my bicycle and slightly less often I get calls while I ride. Stopping on the road and taking the phone out is awkward so I would like something that...
  8. leonrox

    Upgrading from Hifiman Re262 for daily commute

    Hi. This is my first post on this forum.   I am looking for a new iem or portable headphone for daily commute and listening in the library. I listen to a wide genre of music: top 100, vocal, blues, jazz, classical, rap you name it.   Currently, I have a pair of Hifiman Re262. They are very...

    Adventures in Balanced Cables for IEMs

    I've had several IEMs with balanced cabling for a while - HIFIMAN RE262, RE272 and RE600. I didn't have an amp or player with balanced output, so I just used the included TRRS-to-TRS adapters. Then along came the HIFIMAN HM-901. I go it with all of the different amp cards, but so far, I having...
  10. KraziEarss

    Beginner audiophile needing help...

    Hello audiophiles, this is my first post here at head-fi and I want to say wow! Such a vast wealth of knowledge that has helped me realize I want to dive further into this world. I thank everyone for all the knowledge shared but I have a few questions. First, I am entry level. I am looking for...
  11. alterndog

    First open headphones - $80-130

    Hello,   So I am looking to get my first pair of open headphones, I just sold my m50 and currently use RE-262 which I love. I'm looking for very comfortable headphones that have a wider soundstage then the m50, aren't bass lite, but also keep the clarity and detail of the 262. I'm looking...
  12. Vendetta

    Detailed + Forgiving + non-fatiguing?

    Detailed + Forgiving + nonfatiguing?    Is this a real combination?   I liked the silky smooth mids and forgiveness of my Re262, but the detail of my HF5.   Unamped or with a JDS Labs c421, what are my options under $200?   Thanks
  13. noktekniq

    Recommendations other than x10?

    Anything else comparable to the x10?  I'm hearing that these are the smallest earbuds for people with small ears. But, seems like most people say the quality of cable sucks.  My ultimate goal is to find something like the x10 (in terms of nozzle size and fitment for small ears) with cables...
  14. hmls

    IEM build quality concern

    It is quite obvious that In-ears are lacking in build quality.   I have used /or seen some one use IEM and their average life span is around 1.5 years. My current IEMs, Hifiman RE-400, claimed to be the 'Waterline', have also started to wear off in a short period of time.   IEMS that have...
  15. Ezsqrd

    Under $30 IEM, help, please?

    Checked out several under $30 IEM threads but I couldn't really figure out if the the highly recommended IEMs were what I am looking for. I've owned the RE-262 and that sound signature is something that I enjoy, although it was hard to drive without an amp when I'm out and about.   I was...
  16. Pingfloid

    Upgrade from RE-262 to RE-400 => disappointed. Is there a real substitute for the RE-262?

    One driver of my beloved RE-262 did stop working. I don't know if it was the cable or the driver, but I wrote to Head-Direct to ask for a repair and they kindly offered a RE-400 replacement for reduced price, as a substitute of the RE-262.   I have received the new RE-400 and I don't like them...
  17. whoever

    The Custom Art's Flagship - Harmony 8 and 8pro CIEM - discussion thread

    http://www.thecustomart.com/pro_audio-harmony.php For the longest time driver count for silicone CIEMs has always lagged behind acrylic CIEMs--we're at, what, 10 drivers per side now with acrylic CIEMs from every major brand--but where have you seen a silicone pair with more than 5...
  18. thesuperguy

    Best computer DAC under 100?

    Allow me to start by admitting that I am not purchasing this DAC (and amp I would assume) because I am dissatisfied by my onboard audio. While it certainly isn't anything to brag about, it doesn't sound like junk. Rather, I am purchasing this DAC because I have a desktop placed on the floor and...
  19. proedros

    Hifiman RE-262 and RE-272 recabling.....Is it possible ?

    I have a pair of RE-262 and RE-272 and i want to ask if anyone here had them recabled at Vesper Audio (or somewhere else) and if he saw changes/improvements in the sound ? And if so , what kind of improvements did you notice? Checking possible options if/when the cables become too...
  20. DavvyJones96

    Etymotic hf5 vs. DUNU DN-19 vs. Philips S2/28 vs. HiFiMan RE-262 vs. Phonak Audeo PFE 132

    Obviously looking for the cleanest, yet fun to listen to, sound. Pairing with am EQ would be fine. Also looking for high build quality, mostly I'm the cable. 
  21. ajm

    Most Intimate Mids Audio Technica ESW9 vs HIfiman Re262

    I am looking for an iem or headphone that has the most intimate, forward mids with good bass. Treble is not important.  I will be using them with a desktop amp if need be. I will listen to jazz and female vocals. From the research I have done these seem to be the most midcentric headphones or...
  22. sa_ill

    Audio-Technica ATH-WS55 and ATH-SJ33 review

    Generally Head-Fi is my go-to place for any headphone and IEM query, surprisingly didn't have much info about Audio Technica's budget line ATH-WS55, ATH-SJ33. Digging up on the internet, I found these:  ...
  23. alterndog

    Is Audioquest Dragonfly worth it?

    I have some Best Buy GC and was curious what people thought of the Audioquest Dragonfly. I've been looking for a DAC under $100 for my laptop and saw that Dragonfly is on sale. The iems I have are RE-262, BA200 and the cans are HE300. My source is a lenovo laptop and I play mainly Apple Lossless...
  24. T

    Mobile Earphones/IEMs for AK100

    Hi guys, I'm looking for mobile earphones or iem's to wear on the street/transit with iRiver AK100, I know it can be a bit tricky as the player has 22 ohm on the way out. I picked a few iem's below, maybe someone tested some of them with ak100 and finds it working quite well with no sound...
  25. noktekniq

    Good recommendation for small ears

    My last pair of nice headphones was Hifiman RE262 which only lasted me a few international trips before one of the ear speakers gave out on me. The fit for those was barely comfortable with small rubber fittings Now I'm looking to replace those as Hifiman quoted me $40 bucks to repair them...