First open headphones - $80-130
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Dec 26, 2010
So I am looking to get my first pair of open headphones, I just sold my m50 and currently use RE-262 which I love. I'm looking for very comfortable headphones that have a wider soundstage then the m50, aren't bass lite, but also keep the clarity and detail of the 262. I'm looking primarily for new headphones. Music wise I listen to everything, but mainly 60s and 70s rock, bluegrass, raggae, trance, current rock/pop. 
The options I am looking at right now are the
HD 518 - $80
HD 558 - 130

Are there any others out there in that price range? I'm looking for better sound quality than the M50 and try and get close to the 262. I would just prefer that wider soundstage and keep the bass of the 262 (or improve it). Thanks!
- Paul
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I am sure people are going to recommend you the Grado SR80i, but for your situation, I do not think that would be the best option.  The clarity is good, they are not really bass-lite, but their soundstage is not really very good.  Also, they are not too comfortable stock.
Also, this should be posted in the recommendations thread.
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Open headphones will not hold the bass you are looking for. The bass response of the M50's are cannons compared to very popular and well-regarded headphones like the AD700, SR-80, but I think the HD 558 is close to what you are looking for.
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Thanks for the help. I didn't see the recommendation forum field earlier (Last I posted I don't think I remember it being here, there used to be a thread for it) and I will move this question over there. 
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I have owned HD598/558/518 non of them have bass like M50 which I have briefly listened, they are not bass light either. In your case I would go for Sony MDR MA900 especially for your music... and they have more bass
They were sold on ebay like 140$ if you wait you can find it for this price or go for used like new pair. 
cheers and happy listening

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