Best computer DAC under 100?
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Jul 24, 2012
Allow me to start by admitting that I am not purchasing this DAC (and amp I would assume) because I am dissatisfied by my onboard audio. While it certainly isn't anything to brag about, it doesn't sound like junk. Rather, I am purchasing this DAC because I have a desktop placed on the floor and I have a cable running up my desk so I don't have to bend down every time I want to plug in my earphones. The problem is, this cable isn't exactly very secure and my earphones (RE262s) require quite a bit of power (150 ohms). By the time the sound reaches the earphones, it doesn't sound loud enough with certain songs and videos. To combat this problem, I will sometimes use my fiio e11 amp to boost the volume, but it requires charging once every few uses and can't be used while charging. AND SO, I am purchasing this DAC to place securely on top of my desk to help the volume and of course, the audio quality, and I'm assuming that since it is connected to the computer via USB, that it does not require charging. Any suggestions under 100 dollars? The e10 seems to be a good choice.
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Try getting an asus xonar or creative soundblaster z and just run a 3.5mm extension cable.
Just look for one that fits whatever pci/pcie port you have.

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