1. jferreir

    Help Understanding Amps/DACs

    I'm looking to buy a pair of Ortofon e-Q5 earphones; I've owned these previously, and they're my favourite go-to IEMs for general use. Having never owned an amp or DAC before, I'm curious if either would improve the performance of these IEMs. Here are the specs for the Ortofon e-Q5: Audio...
  2. Y

    Tenso forwarding services

    Can people that have used this to get Japanese only earphones please chime in their experience with it. What happens is a delivery from Amazon Japan was attempted but not complete because they're closed at the time of delivery. Any good or bad Tenso experiences would be appreciated.
  3. galaxygrrl

    Suggestions on Earphones

    Hi all,    So, I'm on the market for a new set of headphones given I just lost my IE 8s :(  And I thought I would ask people for suggestions of what to look at.     I loved my Shure 535's becasue they were good with the mids, not to heavy on the base and sounded great for Jazz, talk...
  4. antidote


    sorry, wrong forum.
  5. jferreir

    SQ vs Comfort - Thoughts?

    For years, I always told myself that SQ should be the determining factor when buying IEMs. Comfort and convenience are important, but SQ is always paramount. Now, I'm beginning to see the error of my ways...   I presently own 3 IEMs, all of which are somewhat antiquated by today's standards...
  6. jferreir

    Help Choosing next IEM (Dunu, Ortofon?)

    I used to own the Ortofon e-Q5's, and I really enjoyed them as a go-to portable IEM. The sound was crystal clear with the mids being slightly forward and a bit warm. The bass was a little light, but overall, I thought they were great. I especially liked the design and I found them quite...
  7. Emblue

    I need you guys' help, shopping for ear buds are such a pain in the butt.

    Hi people! I know these kind of posts are getting overwhelming, but I've been trying to find convincing reviews about ear buds, I'm still undecided. :( If you guys can read my post and then help me with what would be the best ear buds headphone for me, I would be extremely grateful. :) OK. So...
  8. jbuuby

    MusicaAcustics Portable Headphone & Gear USA/ Canada Equipment Audition Tour

    MusicaAcustics of Japan will be at 2013 CanJam in Denver October 11-13.   There is an opportunity to audition an array of interesting new Headphone Equipment from around the world at CanJam as well as at your home (USA & Canada only) for any serious headphone enthusiast.   If interested...
  9. HungryHippo


    Hey guys, so a week ago I ordered the dba-02's from musicaacoustics.com and I still havnt received the phones nor have I received any information regarding the status of the delivery.. Is this website legit or should I cancel my order? Thanks
  10. Stuff Jones

    Which IEMs do you use on the go?

    Wondering what IEMs people here use when they're walking around, commuting or travelling. For those uses, isolation and fit, as well as durability and/or low cost might take precedence over sound quality up to a point.    Most recently I've been using the TDK IE800 out and about. Its not...
  11. notaris

    Review: Ortofon e-Q7 and e-Q5 earphones

    Review: Ortofon e-Q7 and e-Q5 earphones The next big thing?   Introduction   Ortofon is a high-tech company, having a history of 95 years, and specializing, among other things, into hi-fi products, in particular, cartridges, replacement stylus, tonearms, and, recently, earphones. The first...
  12. zebylong

    Upgrade from Ortofon e-Q5s?

    Very pleased with the sound of the e-Q5s, but over the last few months I've noticed a lot of crackle when moving my head. Time to retire them and try something new.   Using the e-Q5 as a baseline, what would you guys consider as an upgrade? I also have the RE400s, and while they're great, I...
  13. P

    Sub-200$ IEM with good end-to-end extension and presence, tonal neutrality and detail? GR07? e-Q5? RE-400? Others?

    Hello,   Instead of crowding other threads and potentially derailing them as I have been coming close to doing over the past few days, I decided to create a separate thread about my IEM dilemma. I hope people with the experience and knowledge will chime in and help me out!   I thought...
  14. raiden45

    Ortofon e-q5 vs Ultimate Ears triplefi 10

    Hi,   I have been a frequent lurker on these forums but have only just joined. I have been looking for a nice pair of iem's to use in place of my ath-m50 since I find them to be a bit of a pain to use since they are over-ear headphones. I have been looking through a lot of reviews of iem's...
  15. gmoney9438

    JVC FX700 : How bad are the mids actually?

    I hear people complaining about the mids on the FX700's. How bad are they exactly?   I'm shopping for a new portable rig, and I want a sound that can replicate that of my Audio Technica W1000x's.   I'm a very big classical and electronic listener. I like juicy mids, very good timbre is a...
  16. asak

    neutral phone for with good quality bass, possibly e-q5 or sm2

    Looking for 'phone thats pretty versatile but has depth in the bass, and is still neutral. Was very interested in the orthofon eq-5 or the sm2. I have the triple fi, but for some reason cant get attached to them. Any opinions or more suggestions?   Thanks in advance.
  17. Austin Morrow

    Becoming Bored of e-Q5's, Recommend Me Something More...

    As the title says, I am becoming quite bored with the e-Q5's, even through all kinds of different amps. Does anyone know of anything that has a analytical sound signature while not being too harsh or bloomy, a slightly warm midrange, and rumbly bass? I was thinking of the EarSonics SM3 and the...
  18. 2


  19. mxg284

    Ortofone e-Q5 short review

    Just got my e-Q5s in the mail today.  Ordered from Alo and were packaged very well.  All I can say is wow.  Night and day difference between those and the old Apple earbuds.  Isolation is good, soundstage is amazing and I can now hear instruments that I previously couldn't.   They seem like...
  20. kamenal

    ortofon Q5 $198 @ MusicaAcoustics.com

    Ortofon Q5 US$198 with free shipping at MusicaAcoustics.com. Just ordered one. Was torn between this and RE 262. Torn no more.
  21. Pott

    Westone 2 vs. UM2 vs. PFE vs. Ortofon Q5

    All roughly the same price... to use with a Cowon J3 and no external amp (although I have a Fiio E17 but I don't want to carry this around).   I'm looking for something fun, not 100% analytical. Something which makes me enjoy the music, not requires me to analyze it. I'm listening to mostly...
  22. luisdent

    Multi-IEM comparison: Vsonic GR07, Ultimate Ears UE700, TDK BA200, Etymotic Research HF5 and Audeo PFE 112

    This thread is basically a list of songs from a variety of genres that I have listened to with comments on my observations of the sound properties of each.  I have listened to each song from beginning to end and also compared small sections of interest to get a full engrossing feel for each song...
  23. neeverr

    Dual BA IEM to be worn "straight down" with *ZERO* sibilance

    Hi all,  I come from 1 year experience with the RE272, two months ago I also bought the dba02-mk2...   Basically I love some aspects of this dual BA iem: - details - instruments separation - clean mid/bass   However there is a show-stopper for me: a few of sibilance and a little...
  24. matt_sid

    Ortofon EQ5 , Ety HF5 or Brainwavz B2?

    Hi,   I'm in the market for some IEMs, however I live in South Korea and the differences in choice and price can be huge compared to the U.S or Europe. So, rather tell you what my budget is, it's probably better to tell you what I've found out I can afford after doing a little research.  ...
  25. myaman

    Metal/Progressive Rock/Alternative Rock/Post Rock IEM

    Hey Everybody,   I'm new the audiophile world and have been reading these forums for a while now and they have helped enormously in providing me with information on what to look for when buying headphones.   I'm wondering if you could advise me on a good pair of IEM's for listening to...