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JVC FX700 : How bad are the mids actually?

  1. gmoney9438
    I hear people complaining about the mids on the FX700's. How bad are they exactly?
    I'm shopping for a new portable rig, and I want a sound that can replicate that of my Audio Technica W1000x's.
    I'm a very big classical and electronic listener. I like juicy mids, very good timbre is a must, decent bass extension, and I am somewhat sensitive to extremely hot highs. EDIT: and i love large enough soundstages without sacrificing too much clarity&detail.
    The JVC FX700 are bassy, it's bass goes realy deep and reverb(amazing bass) and mids are very detailed but not upfront or forward with bright extended highs(which may cause faguiting to some). It has large soundstage, crisp clear soundquality with amazing bass and it has natural warm timber to instruments(JVC signature warm sound), amazing for natural instruments like on Indie, Country, Jazz. The RE272 soundsignature is close to Your requirements and they are great for Electronic genres music because dark background, great imaging and space between instruments, wider soundstage like FX700. The other IEMs like UE900, Westone 4R, Sony EX1000, XBA4 and Klipsch Image X5 are great buy for these music and they fairly meet your requirements.
  3. HeroicPenguin
    They're not going to be what you want. The timbre of the instruments is unmatched (still the best I've ever heard), but I wasn't a fan of the mids. The fit was also pretty poor for me though, so maybe I might not be a good example.
    If the W1000X has the AT house sound (which from reviews, it actually doesn't seem to have), then the Heir 4.Ai is a great IEM that you might like.
  4. gmoney9438
    what portable dac/amp can i use to bring out the mids and lower the treble on these?
  5. Selenium
    The mids are hardly "bad." Just a little recessed compared to the bass and treble.
  6. gmoney9438
    i've heard that the FiiO E17 has a equalizer built in to it. should i purchase that to go with my portable setup?
  7. Selenium
    If you're set on the FX700s just listen to them first and see if you take issue with the mids.
  8. gmoney9438
    well, natural sounding instruments is very important to me. If possible, can you guys recommend me an iem with good timbre, good bass extension, good soundstage, mids, clarity, detail, a bit soft on the treble, if that's not too much to ask for? XD
  9. gmoney9438
    btw, how hot is the treble? i'm somewhat sensitive to sibilant highs. (i auditioned a pair of Ultrasone pro 900's, and it was a nightmare)
  10. TwinQY
    Aww, almost would've said the EX1000. They fit almost all of the criteria except that one perfectly.
    Otherwise the BA200 or the eQ-5 would fit, I guess.
    The FX700 has amazing deep reverbing bass and highs are extended with little brightnes and natural tune to it like on Grado headphones with wide soundstage. But if youu sensitive to bright extended highs then i will recommend the RE272 because it's highly detailed in mids and highs are good for even sensitive ears.
  12. gmoney9438
    are the highs sibilant at all? if not, these might fit my bill. As long as the mids aren't terribly recessed.
    EDIT: from what i hear, the RE272's are bass lean. :frowning2:
  13. HeroicPenguin
    Sounds like the Westone UM3X to me. That or the EarSonics SM3 would be a good bet.
  14. gmoney9438
    I'm pretty set for the JVC's. Is it possible for me to run them on the FiiO e17? It says the max input power is 200 mW, but the E17 outputs 280mW @ 16ohms. :-/
    The FX700 re truely amazing IEMs specialy it's true life like instruments presentation for jazz and others instrumental genres. It's highs are closer to Grado type highs and canbe sparkly bright for some ears but if you are not extra sensitive to bright none faguiting highs then it willbe amazing buy for the price and it mids are very detailed compared to others highend IEMs but not very forward as on Shure IEMs but spacious presentation, warm rich sound, deep reverbing bass, extended highs and detailed mids are realy great. If it highs compared to more common Apple ADDIEMs or earbuds then one thing sudden apear it highs are more real, thick, bright and extended(there is some warmth to it like on Grado headphones). It willbe definitely good match with E17 and overall sound willbe improve and max input are at realy loud volume, most won't like to listen at that volume levels and if it less than 280 then it will not produce that loud volume which is good.

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