MusicaAcustics Portable Headphone & Gear USA/ Canada Equipment Audition Tour
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New Head-Fier
Aug 10, 2013
MusicaAcustics of Japan will be at 2013 CanJam in Denver October 11-13.
There is an opportunity to audition an array of interesting new Headphone Equipment from around the world at CanJam as well as at your home (USA & Canada only) for any serious headphone enthusiast.
If interested, please contact Dimitri Trush of MusicaAcustics ( preferably no later than the 14th as he will then be returning to Japan.
List of available Headphone Equipment for Audition:
1- Ortofon MHd-Q7 (analog Headphone Amp)
2- Ortofon e-Q5 BA Monitors
3- Tralucent 1plus2 Hybrid Universals
4- Earsonics S-Em6 World's first Universals with 6 BA Drivers per Channel with 3-way crossover (made in France)
5- Earonics Sm64 (Earsonic's 3 Driver released in May 2013 - Very good sounding Monitors) 
6- Bialbero Epsilon S (fully discrete Opamp)
7- Mass Kobo 385 portable Amp (A nice looking Amp operating on 3 Class AA Batteries)
8- Vorzuge DUO (last Year's Model but still among the best sounding Amps from Germany)
9- Fischer Audio Fa-011 Limited Edition (made in Russia, Open Type Headphones, Specially made for MusicaAcustics!)
10- Venture Craft SounDroid Typhoon & Venture Craft TT Tube Digital Amplifier
11 - Studio ANI 3 DAP from HisoundAudio
12- Fa100 BA Earphones from HISOUND
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Member of the Trade: Musica Acoustics
Apr 15, 2012
Japan Russia
Greetings to headfiers located near by Denver Colorado, I  invite you to come to the last day of CanJam 
and please dont miss  MusicaAcoustics table,
We have the world's rarest items including the very rare Bluetooth Multi bit Amp/Dac from Russia Myst OCUB, Fischer Audio Flagship Fa011 in Limited Edition japan, S-Em6 6 driver Universals from France,  3triple Hybrid Universals with famous Uber cable by Tralucent Audio,
Venture Craft World only Digital Tube Amplifier for Idevices: TT Tube amp and, Hybrid Amp from Elecome and  many more.
if interested  in participating in the tour for any of this items, please contact Dimitri.
I will be in Denver until Tuesday, I would like to let people not able to attend CanJam to experience our gear.
Will prefer to  ship out the units to you prior departing US Tuesday Night


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