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Who does the Etymotic sound better than Etymotic?

  1. astro
    I'm wondering if anyone does etymotic's super clear, detailed, sound better than etymotic. The instrument separation is uncanny, and it really gives me this sense that these instruments are spatially arranged around me and just creating this amazing sound experience. I have sounds whizzing around me back and forth. Different sounds have different depths, some resonating through this huge environment, while some are just light, distinctly at a pinpointed location. I'm no longer just listening to a melody anymore, but rather it's an entire experience.
    I have the Beyerdynamic DT770, Sony MDR-V6, and I formerly owned the Shure SE530. The former two doesn't even come close to giving me this effect, although the Shure does. However, it feels very blunted in its details, which is more musical for certain tunes, but it feels more like a detriment overall.
    I've listened to my friend's RE0. They sound very similar to etymotics, although it's not nearly as punchy, and the bass is quite a bit thinner than etymotics. The fit isn't nearly as comfy either.
    I like listening to psychedelic trance, which is probably why I feel extra drawn to ety's sublime details and separation.
    Ety's have really opened up a totally new way of listening to music for me. Is there still a way for me to further my experience to another level?
  2. astro
    This sounds like an intensely immersive psychedelic sound experience... It's auditorily stimulating to the nth degree.
  3. phntmsmshr
    which Etys are you using? ER4?
  4. astro
    Yup, just like in my avatar. [​IMG]
    Maybe try a different source? Love the er4s/Cowon J3 with a little bass boost.:)
  6. Nagasaki_Kid
    amp and p to s cable, if you aren't using that already.
  7. ubercaffeinated


    amp and p to s cable for sure and use a lod. try messing around with different tips?  i'm going through the same "dilemma" - i'm in love with the er-4p/s and i'm trying to make it give the best sound possible.
  8. Pianist
    Was the RE0 amped? This IEM requires an amp to bring out its full potential, especially in the low end. With decent amp, the bass should not sound thin. It is also quite sensitive to fit - you need to choose tips that fit snugly. Perhaps the ones you were using were not a good fit for your ears.
    Honestly, I don't think any IEM really sounds better than an ER4, although personally, I consider JVC FX700 or Ortofon e-Q5, or even the RE0, properly fitted and amped, as great alternatives for those looking for an arguably more natural, musical sound (warmer, fuller, richer) without giving up the Etymotic level of detail. I personally find ER4 a little sterile/bland sounding for my liking. although its technical abilities are very impressive.
  9. ClieOS Contributor
    Phonak PFE wit the grey filter is a good alternative to ER4P. Better detail (though not to the level of 4S) and a much bigger soundstage. Well suited for analytical listener.
  10. Spyro
    I think the GR10 sounds like an upgraded/updated ER4P.  Quite similar but improved.....

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