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Looking at the Cowon C2 + Hifiman RE Zeroes

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by domino584, Apr 8, 2012.
  1. domino584
    I'm hearing good things about the audio quality of the C2, but I was wondering what these forums think of it?  I listen to primiarly folk and hard rock (mostly 70s-early 90s).  Most of the formats I'll be using is FLAC or other lossless codecs.  If paired with the Zeroes, would it be a great setup for the budget and my taste in music?  I'll be upgrading from my, once again, lost Cowon S9 and Sony MDX500.
    My budget is limited to 300 CAD for both combined.
    Cheers for any input or other suggestions.
  2. tyrael
    Never heard the C2, but the re-zero have good synergy with S9 judging from my memory, and they sound pretty good with rock
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