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Sell Beats, (yes Beats) and buy HiFiMan RE-262?

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  1. LosslesslyHope
    Currently have Dr. Dre Beats. (They were a gift). I was wondering if it would be worth selling them, and buying the headphones mentioned in the title (HiFiMan RE-262). Also, if I could get enough money for the beats to purchase them. They are used, but have 0 signs of being used. Would also be curious on sound improvement, if any. I know these are IEMs, and Beats are On-Ears, but I wouldn't mind the change.
  2. LosslesslyHope
    I am also planning on getting the FiiO E10, for a portable rig. I have an iPod Touch for my source.
  3. JonnyRocket
    What Beats do you have?
  4. LosslesslyHope
    Sorry. Forgot there was more than one model. They are the 'Solo' model.
  5. blackmarket
    not too sure if many people even buy used monster beats, as there are A LOT of fakes circulating.
  6. LosslesslyHope
    That is a problem. Anyway to verify they are legitimate? 
  7. JonnyRocket

    I have not heard them, but the RE-262 will sound like they have no bass compared to the Solos, but the clarity will be off the charts.
  8. LosslesslyHope
    That's all that really matters. Vocals>bass to me. And they are only for portable reasons. I will soon be getting HE-400s as my main rig.
  9. planx
    E10 as a portable? I think you're mistaken for either the E11 or E17. And good choice, the RE262 sounds "meh" without an amp. My top choice amps for the RE262 is either the E11 or JDSLabs C421 that I tried with so far.
  10. LosslesslyHope
    Did I type '10'? I meant 11. Sorry, crappy membrane keyboard. And as for the C421, that's currently too expensive.
  11. planx
    Yes, or I misread it haha. Then the E11 is a great choice for you. Also, make sure to pick up an inexpensive Fiio LOD for your Apple product. I always found that the E11 sounds better than the E17.
  12. LosslesslyHope
    I already planned to do that. You seem to have everything I want :D. Thank you.
  13. planx
    I don't have the RE262, but I have a good amount of experience with it. The RE262 should be quite the step up from the Beats. The only picky thing I found was getting a correct seal with the RE262 because of the limited amount of tips available for use. But once you get a good fit and seal, these should really blow you away, especially in the vocals, which the Beats were non-existent (over-exaggerating)
  14. LosslesslyHope
    Ah, I see. I haven't really listened to any other headphones besides these sadly. Apart from my friends ATH-M50s. But I feel like I can tell they are terrible (beats) if that makes sense. I absolutely love vocals, but they sound horrible on them. And now I'm telling my life story. Sorry. Thank you again.
  15. planx
    They certainly hit you as the under-performing kind of headphone. If it sounds as good as it looks, they certainly have a winner there. But despite that, they failed in my views. Too expensive for nothing. The RE262 should also be considerably "better" than your friends M50. 
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