1. Tristan944

    CmoyBB quick help

    My cousin and I ordered 2 JDSLabs Cmoybb amps and had one customized for the Turtle Beach X12 and one for the Sennheiser HD598. The problem is we dont know which amp goes to which headphone. Here are the tech specs included....Which amp goes to which headphone?   Amp 1: Gain 6 r3 2.05k rb...
  2. Dkesner4

    Which portable headphone amp produces the most impact bass.

    I have the ultrasone pro 900 and am looking for a portable amp that will make its bass unmatchable. I listen to mostly dubstep, if that helps. I am thinking, maybe the digizoid zo2? So if you know of a portable headphone amp that produces the most impact bass then let me know. :)
  3. rjalex

    What's your fav cable to link Sansa Clip/Fuze to Altoids/CMoy ?

    Dear friends, I bought a very decent cable for this but it's so stiff and short that the little Sansa player sticks out far from the Altoids can :-(   Is there any better idea for a cable that is short enough and mayne "U shaped" with 90 degrees 3.5 connectors to hold the Sansa close/stuck to...
  4. Zephead

    Portable quandary

    Hi all,   I'm looking to buy a new portable player soon and would appreciate some advice.   Most important factors are, storage space, build quality and sound quality with ease of use coming in very close behind. I'd also prefer something with a decent size screen for navigation (i.e 2.5" or...
  5. WallyWest

    Question about 3 channel CMOY amps

    Such as this one. http://fredsamplifiers.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_31&products_id=66 What does the "3 channel" actually refer to? I've only heard that term used for amps with three headphone outputs. But this is just a single output amp. Presumably they're claiming that...
  6. AppleDappleman

    What DC charger to get for the CmoyBB?

    So i'm thinking about getting the CmoyBB but my main problem is, what charger to get? I input the part numbers in the other store they recommend but nothing shows up.  So does anyone have an exact link of which charger I can buy online? I don't want to mess it up by buying the wrong one. 
  7. burtontrail

    DJ Audio Interfaces vs. audiophile DACs

    Hi folks,   I was wondering why people spend so much money on their DAC for a headphone while DJs fill clubs with sound using audio interfaces. Generally, they seem to cost more, but there are audio interfaces for 600 bucks that give you 10 channels. So on the price, the DJ audio interfaces...
  8. Paul Graham

    HELP! Please... Advice needed.

    Evening folks,    I need some assistance.   As for Desktop/Home Head-Fi I have things pretty much worked out. I have a few DAC's and head amps on the way to try out with various Sennheiser's until i upgrade my cans.   But as for portable I'm just totally stuck.   The portable...
  9. soundslikebliss

    JDS Labs CmoyBB Distortion

    Hi!   Just got my first portible dedicated headphone amp to get a little volume boost out of my dt770 80 ohm headphones.     I am playing music from my iphone 5 > cmoy > dt770 80 ohm, and I get horrible distortion with volume above anything louder than without the amp (straight from the...
  10. Mike Walker

    biosciencegeek gone from eBay?

    I decided to buy a biosciencegeek cmoy headphone amp on eBay, and was saddened to find that his site is completely gone! What happened? And is there any way to buy his amplifiers now? I have a JDS Cmoybb v2.03 that sits on my nightstand, & I listen to it almost every day. I need another amp...
  11. zachdini

    Portable amp to use with Mad Dogs

    I just ordered a pair of Mad Dogs after trying them out yesterday and now I'm looking for a portable amp to go with them! I mainly listen to my iPhone/laptop as a source on the train or at my school library so portability is important. I'm looking at the $150 range but I could stretch it a...
  12. MagellanR14

    Cheap portable amp solution - PA2V2 or E11 or CMoyBB

    My Philips Uptowns are underpowered in the sense that I cannot get enough volume from them. Thus, I am looking into a relatively cheap portable amp solution. I saw the Electric Avenues PA2V2, FiiO E11, and JDS Labs CMoyBB were popular, which of these would do the best for raising the volume of...
  13. iceporky

    E11, cMoyBB and Sennheiser HD 598

    I have a HD 598 headphone and, like most people, I googled to see if getting an amp could make my HD 598 better. So, I read all the online discussions I can find. Quite a few say there is no difference on their HD 598 with E11. A selected few say HD 598 goes well with E11, but almost everyone...
  14. audiocr381ve

    JDS Labs CMOYBB V2.03 Headphone Amp

    Hi guys,    Just a little background, I've been doing quite a bit of traveling for work so I decided it's time to step up my headphone rig for those long plane rides. For my laptop rig, I've been using an Apogee Duet 2 into a pair of Sony MDR-7506 headphones (will be upgrading these soon). I...
  15. Bassman999

    JDS cMoyBB sound cuts out

    I recently bought a used from eBay Altoids cMoyBB v2.02 2nd day using it the sound is now cutting out while I adjust volume. The alps volume knob seems to have the same feel while turning it.   I am stuck at home right now, but am wondering if this is normal when the battery gets low, or is...
  16. Electro-Static

    Mid-fi dilemma; To amp or not to amp?

    Hello, everyone I just bought a pair of audio technica M50's and am quite happy with them except for one thing. In order to get full detail out of my music I need to crank to volume up to bring out the mids. While I know that many people prefer loud music, I like to music as quietly as...
  17. TealRice


    I need help deciding on which headphones to pick between, so far my choices are V moda m100, or AKG q701. I mainly listen to alot of mainstream music and ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of taylor swift country to pop and a dubstepish song. Im spending around 300ish any good choices, also any headphones...
  18. jmcejuela

    SE535, good portable setup?

    I recently got a Shure SE535 (Special Edition) when I was in Hong Kong. It's my first truly high-end audio device. Before I had a Sennheiser HD 595.   The problem that I have with these earphones is that I can hear a very noticeable and annoying hiss when I connect them directly to an iPod...
  19. best7

    Closed back headphones for classic rock, prog rock, etc.

    Hello Guys   I been lurking here for two years now and I thought I may start posting now. Actually, I need some advice on choosing a closed back headphone so I hope it doesnt bore you.   I am looking for a closed back headphone I can use while commuting to work. So far I came up with...
  20. J

    Do i need a amp? Plz help, thx!

    Hello, im a completely newbie and had jt arrived at the audiophile world through choosing headphne by their apparence rather thn the sq. Currently i own two headphones, monster inspiration and sony mdr-1r. And im planning to gt a ath esw-9. Normally i listen to hip hop, "clubbing" music (dnt kw...
  21. Xtron2112

    Mad Dogs vs. SRH 840 vs. DT770 for Rock/Metal.

    Here we go again...  I got the M80s and they sound very, very, good. Unfortunately, they just aren't comfortable for me.  My head and face literally twitch when I wear them.  I am looking for closed over-the-ear/circumarual 'phones that suit my music needs (Prog Rock/Metal/Classic Rock i.e. Yes...
  22. Dishimalhan

    Cmoybb v2.03r charging

    Hai! :) I'hv recently ordered a cmoybb v2.03 rechargable version! I ws jst wondering tat vll the charger jst power my amp,or charge the battery as well?? And how do i noe whether my amp is fully charged?? :/
  23. CanadianNoob

    iem with a sound signature similar to grado

    I am new to the forum (1st post) and new to the hobby as well.   I kind of stumbled into this as I started on a journey to renew my pleasure in listening to music.   The first step I took was to refresh all of my digital music - going back and re-ripping my cds as lossless and...
  24. southpark2033

    ATH-M50s revived my love of hi-fi audio. Now I want an affordable, portable amp for ALAC.

    I just listened to Radiohead's Kid A over these without even breaking them in using my Native Instruments sound card. Boy was that a pleasure.   I used to have a crappy headphone amp I'd route out of an iPod Classic (using the iPod's DAC) to some Denon AH-D2000s. This sounded pretty bad...
  25. MartWilliams

    portable amp for Galaxy Note 2 and Grado SR80i heaphones?

    Hi all. I've been plowing through these forums for the last few days and largely as a result of what I've read here and after testing a few headphones bought a pair of Grado SR80i's to play on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Now while I am very pleased with what I am hearing (being a non audiophile...