1. Pika007

    Fiio E5 Vs. Fiio E6

    Hi I'm searching for a small portable half decent amp, the first option that popped up was the ever so popular Fiio E5. Now, i saw that there's another model, the E6, that is sold for roughly the same price. Some places claim that it is the same amp, just with different shape, some say the...
  2. Alec246

    Should I go with JDSLabs cMoyBB Amp while I wait for ODA to come out?

    My HD558 is almost here, and I don't have any headphone Amp for it. The DAC will be my X-Fi Titanium HD, but the Headphone Out has a pretty high impedance, not adequate for the HD558 50Ohms headphone.   I almost bought an O2 headphone Amp, but it didn't fit my needs, I don't want...
  3. AlexPerrotta

    Portable Amp For AKG K240 MKIi

    Hi, I just purchased the AKG K240 MKII headphones and they sound unbelievable (except for some cracklig noises at times, but I think it's from the songs I was listening to [also one of them was being watched from youtube]). What I would like to know is what would a great amp be for under $100...
  4. tight_budget

    Question about CMOYBB tuning

    Hi,   I'm considering getting a CMOYBB from JDS Labs, for my HD600s. On the other hand, I would like to use it for my IEMs too when I don't want to bring out the HD600. It would probably be 50/50 usage.   Does the tuning or customization of the cmoy make much difference? Should I ask...
  5. MrAwesome

    cMoyBB v2.03 Headphone Amplifier Build problem, Output?!

     The other day a friend of mine showed me his Cmoy amplifier fully charged, and let me borrow it. While using it I did a side by side comparison, of how my IPod source would sound with, and with-out an amp using my M50s. First I conducted a test without the Cmoy, then I tried testing it with the...
  6. Blindsay

    Need a good portable amp for my HD 650's

    Hi all, Just upgraded from my HD 555's to some HD 650's and for the most part they are hooked to my Onkyo 806 reciever but on occasion I do hook them to a portable device (ipod, laptop, my cell phone) so i wanted to pick up a portable amp for those times. If i could get something good for my...
  7. Bikeukeguy

    CMOBB Gain Question

    I am building a CMOYBB and will be using it with either my Grado SR60s or some generic earbuds. I like the Grados but sometimes the earbuds are more appropriate. I was planning on setting the gain at 6 but before I solder those resistors I might as well ask first.  Thanks, Bikeukeguy...
  8. potpiedpiper

    headphone baby here

    hello, head-fi. Just thought I'd introduce myself and get some suggestions all in one. I got into good audio a few months ago with a pair of incase sonics, which I know aren't the greatest for the money, but I was satisfied and loved the way they looked, so I didn't explore beyond them much...
  9. sabag123

    what amp to buy?

    i got iphone 4s+shure se215 and i'm looking for to buy portable amp The budget is 60$ i think about cMoyBB what you guys say? thank you.
  10. Grandorn

    Portable Amp suggestions for Hifiman Re-262's?

    Hey guys, So, I purchased the Hifiman Re-262's a few months ago, and I absolutely love them. I had read that a portable amplifier was suggested to really have the 262s shine, so I added the FiiO e6 to the order. However, when I got the e6 it did not at all live up to my expectation, and made...
  11. sneaglebob

    Can I amp the Audio Technica M50 to be as bassy as beats pro?

    *Puts flame suit on*    Hey guys, yesterday was my 15th birthday and I asked my dad if he can get me a pair of Beats pro and he happily did and I love them very much although my dad felt that he was slightly swindled but no matter he didn't complain. Now I absolutely KNOW about headphones...
  12. Melvins

    Blox MC2 and amplification

    does anyone here use a pair of Blox Mc2's with amplification? even a simple pa2v2 or cmoy? just curious. Used to own a pa2v2 and was thinking about getting another used one if it would be beneficial to my current portable headphones (blox). Thanks for your time!
  13. Vlooienuker

    Best DAC/Amp Combo with a Cowon J3 and Westone 3?

    Hi all.   I'm looking for a great DAC/Amp combo to pair up with my Cowon J3 and my W3's.   My budget is 700 USD...   I know the W3's are a low impedance phone but I really want to "make the most of them" and get the best sound possible. I dont want just a "slight" difference I want a...
  14. shumtastic

    Recommended DAC/Amps for ~$50 Canadian?

    Hey there! I'm new to the audiophile scene, and I currently have a pair of XB500s and M50's on hand. I was wondering what amps would benefit  these two headphones the most at this price range. I use a laptop as my main source, and it doesn't have the greatest sound card built into it. Would I...
  15. ClieOS

    [Impression] JDS Labs C421 (OPA2227 vs. AD8620) featuring cmoyBB, O2, T5 and UHA-4.

    I have to admit that I took immediate interest when JDS Labs announced their C421 project. Not only because their cmoyBB has impressed me before, but the fact that they are offering C421 alongside with the much acclaimed NwAvGuy’s open source Objective 2 (O2) amp (*End Note 1) is a great sign...
  16. Vlooienuker


    Hi Head-fiers.   So I was wondering which amp I should get, I have a Cowon J3 and a pair of Westone 3's.   My budget is 500 USD.   Personally I dont really like the W3s on the flat EQ and I increase the bass slightly and the highs slightly.   Portability is a huge factor. So is...
  17. 7nationarmy

    Portable Amp for my RHP-20

    I own a pair of Reloop RHP-20. Firstly, would it benefit much from a portable amplifier? If yes, which one would you suggest : JDSLabs cMoyBB, PA2V2, E6, E11, or ZO2? Or maybe any other amps in the same price range? I listen mostly to rock, alternative, RnB, and hip hop.
  18. JuanseAmador

    Is this a good combo for Sennheiser's HD650

    So I'm getting the Senns and I need a portable and desktop amp... I had between the JDS Labs CMoyBB, and the Electirc-Avenues PA2V2. I finally went for the PA2V2 and for desktop options, I had the Objective 2, C421, and Schiit Asgard, or Schiit Valhalla. Then I chose Schiit, but I'm not...
  19. Double-A

    How should I connect an amplifier to my computer and Xbox 360?

    Hello, I was just wondering how I would connect a JDS Labs cMoyBB to my 13-inch Macbook Pro and my Xbox 360 in such a way that I would be bypassing the internal amplifiers in those electronics so that I wouldn't be amplifying an already amplified signal. Keep in mind that the amplifier would be...
  20. phantompersona

    Best Headphone amp for under $150?

    Hi im looking for a new amp to power my RE262. I'll be using it with my Sansa Clip or my computer. I've been using the Fiio E6 for a while now, but i feel its time to upgrade. I want an amp full size or portable(preferably)  for $150 and under. I listen mainly to Iems.    My choices so far...
  21. Duckies

    What to pair with a cMoyBB?

    I'm just getting into this whole gig, and I've settled on a couple of things for my work (software engineer) setup:   $150-160 total cMoyBB   ...But what to pair with them? I've been looking around and I think the question is between Grado S80's and Klipsch S4 Reference. If you have...
  22. markzi

    Unamped Sennheiser HD 598

    So I'm getting a new pair of sennheiser HD 598s soon but I cannot afford an amp. Will they still sound good? I currently own a pair of Philips SBC HP400. Will I notice a difference?  
  23. ClieOS

    The Sub-$100 Portable Amps Shootout – 11(+1) amps compared

    As an IEM user and avid gadget lover, I am always have a particularly interest in portable amps. The sub-$100 price range is where I started my amp journey and I am sure it is the same for many others as well. Though I have moved onward to better portable amps at higher price range, I have...
  24. jonathane40

    JDS CmoyBB with Westone UM2 worth it?

    Hi, I recently got a pair of UM2 and love them. so far I have only been using them through my iPhone 4 and MacBook Pro without any amp nor DAC. They are definitely a step-up from the Q-Jays, or at least they seem to sound better. I haven't been able to compare them because I lost my Q-Jays...
  25. sunjigglet

    Is This CMOY Amp and Crossfeed Circuit Any Good?

    Hi, Sun Jigglet here. I'm looking into purchasing a $50 CMOY amplifier on ebay (the ones built by "ampedup77", in particular), and I was wondering if they are well-built/ of acceptable quality. Here's the...