1. Xcuz

    Headphone Amp Under $100

    I'm looking for a suitable headphone amp under $100 for my laptop to use with my Audio Technica ATH-M50's and my Sony MDR-1R's. I mostly listen to chill electronic and dubstep. Preferably portable, but I don't want a large amp.   I've already looked at the Fiio lineup, but none really suit...
  2. adevriesc

    The Slippery Budget Audio Slope - E7, D Zero, cMoyBB 2.3, or Little Dot I+?

    After reluctantly buying into audiophilia, I noticed the difference. My ears are untrained and insensitive, but I hear the tightness of quality audio nonetheless.   I am looking into four headphone amp solutions. Two contain DACs, two are standard amps.   I have two high quality CD...
  3. hemipowered007

    portable amp recommendation for shure srh840/ woodied grado sr80i

    Hi all, searched around and decided to see of I could get this question answered better by starting a new thread. Currently I have shure srh 840s and woodied grado Sr 80i's and love them both. I'm running them out of a hotaudio dac destroyer which is connected to either my laptop or desktop...
  4. Rockem

    Looking for a "dark" portable amp for my DT770 Pro/250

    Hello all,   I've recently purchased the DT770-250 and while I like the overall sound they can be a bit harsh at times Right now I'm using my E17 with a -2db on the treble. I want to get another amp for a couple of reasons:   1. The buttons of the E17 keeps pressed by mistake in...
  5. geoelectric

    Recommendations for amplified setup for V-Moda M-100s

    Hi, all. I was hoping for some input on improving my work audio setup. My question is largely about amps, and I have some degree of loyalty to JDS's portable units, so I'm putting it here. FWIW, I have done a lot of searching and have read a lot of audio comparisons and reviews here and...
  6. llamatimelord

    Amp for Grado

    I just recently bought my first high quality headphones, Grado Sr 80i. I am so impressed and I love the soundstage and I think that the treble which some people complain about being to sharp is perfect. However, although not a bass head i would like to increase the bass on the Grados with out...
  7. Caesar7

    JDS Labs C421 or Fiio E11 with m-100 ... Need Help !!!

    I narrowed down my choices to these amps (JDS Labs C421 and Fiio E11) ... the iPhone is my source of playing music ... Are the differences are noticeable ... I want to use it on-the-go ... I know the prices are very different but does the C421 worth the investment  ... sorry for being noob guys :) 
  8. Typhi

    150 euro(190 dollar) headset, which to buy? (Gaming, trance/techno music)

    Ey guys,   I am thinking about buying a good comfortable headset for gaming and trance music for 150 euro (190 dollar). I also care abit about the looks (but that's personal ofcourse, so you can't decide for me) so I wonder what you guys suggest. So far I have been searching and I got this...
  9. Jayvee

    Alas! an increase in budget. [Recommendations]

    Originally I've come to seek guidance on my first pair of entry level audiophile headphones. I've yet to make a purchase, but with the budget I've set for myself I've decided I was going to buy the Shure Srh 840's with a portable amplifier, and then later on purchase something with a bit more...
  10. A

    ODAC+O2 or Dacport LX+E11/cMoy for HE-400?

    Hello folks,   I've narrowed down my search for a DAC+amplifier for my brand new HE-400s to the following options: (JDS Labs) ODAC+O2 DACport LX + [(Fiio) E11 OR JDS Labs cMoy]   I can get either combination for just less than $300.   Which option would you recommend? I'm...
  11. DGriff0400

    My first portable amp for my first ever set up.confused youth

     Hey Head-fi community,                                     I thinking about investing in a portable amp and possibly amp/dac combo but i have the opinion that my source is good enough atm (SGs3 with siyah). im thinking about getting a portable amp, my headphones are pretty efficient (AKG...
  12. langmad

    cMoy headphone amp kit

    Hi Guys,  I would like to order a CMoy headphone amp kit from a web company called Electricsumo. When I get to the checkout page it asks for my account details. The problem is I cannot find anywhere on there website where to set up an account. Please can you help?   Regards
  13. FatmanSize48

    1964 Ears V3 Amp, $300

    Hello-I've decided on a pair of 1964 Ears V3s and have heard that they greatly benefit from having an amp (of course). Now, the question is exactly how much I ought to spend. I have allotted a $300 budget for an amp, but feel as if it may not be necessary to spend all of it. So far I've seen the...
  14. aetherh4cker

    DAC + AMP + Headphones Questions

    Greetings! I just found out about this place a few days ago and I've been lurking pretty hard since then. I've decided I want to join the high fi community, but I have to do it fairly slowly due to budget reasons.   These seem to hit my planned budget exactly, so ultimately, I think this is...
  15. A

    Classical Music: HD650 or HE-400?

    I have ~$800 to spend on Headphone + DAC + Amp.   I listen to mostly classical music.   I had almost decided on:   Sennheiser HD650 ($385) + DacPort LX DAC ($250) + JDSLabs CMoy Amp ($60) = $695 for now - with the idea of replacing the CMoy with the Bottlehead Crack later.  ...
  16. SFixic

    Buying new headphones, Help!

    Hi,   This is my first post here at Head-Fi.   I've been looking for some time to buy a new pair of headphones. Been reading here on the forum a lot and can't make up my mind.   I'm interested in the Sennheiser PX 360. They seem good for portable use and I was thinking of using...
  17. InfernoaAcid

    Fiio E11 or JDS Labs CmoyBB together with a Hifiman Re262, Which has better Synergy?

    Hello all,   First post here, have been lurking around these parts for a while now.   I just cannot decide! Which one of those amps will be a better match with my soon-to-be-arriving HiFiMan RE262 IEM's? I know that these IEMS have a particulary nice mid sound, and maybe a slight roloff...
  18. NujaBlessed

    An short review of the Hifiman RE-ZERO

    I am relatively new to head-fi and am even more new to iems, but i hope this will provide some at least useful information on the re-zero. Now that i find myself on the go more, i've immersed myself into the world of iems and have decided to upgrade to the re-262, in memory of the re-zeros i...
  19. LosslesslyHope

    Sell Beats, (yes Beats) and buy HiFiMan RE-262?

    Currently have Dr. Dre Beats. (They were a gift). I was wondering if it would be worth selling them, and buying the headphones mentioned in the title (HiFiMan RE-262). Also, if I could get enough money for the beats to purchase them. They are used, but have 0 signs of being used. Would also be...
  20. sherby42

    Amp for hd25-1II

    I'm not really sure if this needs an amp. Yet it is 70 ohlms if it does need an amp what would be good under $100 that could be used portably.
  21. swittenberg

    Portable amp for Dt770 250 ohms under $75

    I recently purchased a Fiio e6 amp for my dt770 250 ohm version, and it is not doing a very good job at all. The "purple" setting is pretty good but the other sound muddy especially on bass heavy songs, which is mostly dubstep and electro for me. What would be a better option as far as a...
  22. postrock

    Favorite Portable Headphone and Amp Combos (Big $$$ Sound on a budget)

    Fellow Head-Fi'ers,   I would be interested to hear your experiences with portable amps and if you have found any special or even magical combinations  with certain headphones. All price ranges are fine for purposes of discussion, but if you've found a bugdget headphone that really comes to...
  23. ajtakacs

    Sennheiser hd-439 VS. Sony MDR-XB700

    Its down to these two. Im looking for a set of headphones that I can wear comfortably for hours on end while studying. I listen to a very diverse mix of music. Folk, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Rap, Hip-hop, literally EVERYTHING. I know that the Sony's have some extra bass in them (or so I have read)...
  24. biggbenn74

    What Is The Best FiiO Amp? ($50-$100)

    I have some spare change and am looking into buying a new portable FiiO amp (but all other brands will be accepted and looked into further.) I have been eyeing the E11, AND I ALREADY HAVE THE E7, I'm wondering if it would be an upgrade from what I have. I will be using the amp to power anything...
  25. CamBeck

    Shure srh840 unamped vs srh440+fiio e7

    will be coming from my macbook air and almost every type of music