iem with a sound signature similar to grado
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New Head-Fier
Nov 29, 2012
I am new to the forum (1st post) and new to the hobby as well.
I kind of stumbled into this as I started on a journey to renew my pleasure in listening to music.
The first step I took was to refresh all of my digital music - going back and re-ripping my cds as lossless and re-downloading higher quality tracks.  My listening tastes tend towards indie rock, indie acoustic, pop rock and acoustic, and some jazz and classical when I am working.  However, my collection includes a wide variety as I am sure most do these days - hip hop, various electronica, etc.
As I listened to the high quality tracks through my 2 channel stereo I began to really fall in love with the listening experience again.  At this point I started looking for a set of headphones for use when I can't bother the rest of the house, or when I am in the office.  Money isn't a huge problem for me but I didn't want to go over $500.  I auditioned almost everything I could get my hands on after reading countless reviews on this site.  I really wanted to love some of the $300-$500 models but I kept coming back to basic Grado SR60i's.  Eventually I bought them - they just seems to really suit my listening tastes.
Now I recognize they aren't all purpose because I do spend some time on airplanes and in other situations where I need something that doesn't leak.  My old iems just aren't cutting it for me now though - I crave a better, more engaging, more musical listen.
I have tried rolling through all of the reviews and have been lurking here for weeks trying to figure it out but it has resulted in more confusion than  understanding.  iems are much harder for me to audition locally so I can't seem to find out for myself.  So at risk of yet one more post asking for a recommendation on this site - can anyone recommend a good pair of iems that might fit my taste and listening preference.
And as an unrelated aside - I'd like to get a small amp that would pair well with the Grado SR60i.  Again I searched and couldn't really find a great recommendation.  As far as I can tell I would considering the JDS cMoyBB, E6, E11, or maybe even E17 from Fiio...

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