1. ExoticGunplay

    Grado GR10...or.....Westone "4"????

    I am a grado head. I really like their sound signature. I don't own any hi-mid inner ear monitors and was looking for help fellow head-fiers to choose between these 2 if I were able to get them for $270 range. any info would happily appreciated.
  2. ArmoredBard

    What is the best choice for a rock/metal music listener?

    Hello everyone, this is my very first thread here. I read a lot of others' threads but couldnt find the answer to my question. As you could read in the title, I'm looking for earphones for rock/metal/melodic death metal music( Sonic Syndicate, the Unguided, Dead by April, Rammstein). As for now...
  3. HeroicPenguin

    [Review] FitEar F111, Westone 4, and Grado GR10: A Beautiful Midrange

    These are just a few thoughts on IEMs that I’ve had with me. I’ve been searching for the perfect IEM for quite some time. I don’t want to go down the path of customs (yet), so I’ve stuck with universals for quite some time. I recently had my eye on the FitEar F111 (which I heard had beautiful...
  4. radi9red

    Mod for grado gr10 - reduce mid vocal sharp hiss - improve presentation depth and lower mid bass quantity

    Hi folks,   i'm writing this from singapore and i'm a current user of Grado Gr10.  i have been listening to grado gr10 for past 1 month and this is the only single armature earphone that kept me in awe. It has really wide frequency range - low bass to powerful mids and detail clear treble.  ...
  5. SHAHZADA123

    BEST Custom IEMs

    Please recommend based on your experience.   I have a pair of Gradp GR10s and love the synergy with the iPod>CLAS>RSA71B Would like to try something similar but with Custom Fit. My main criteria is that there should be no sibilance and brightness    Not very finicky about all else...
  6. statis

    Grado GR10, Shure SE535 and UE900

    Hi All, I'm in the market for a pair of high end IEMs, and would appreciate some help in choosing the correct headphones. My current setup is a Samsung Galaxy S4 driving a FiiO E18 DAC / Amp digitally through its USB port. All my music is ripped to 320 Kb’s MP3 or FLAC formats, and I have a...
  7. Aerosheet

    Sennheiser IE80 vs. Grado GR10

    I've been thinking on getting one of these In-ear monitors, but since they are almost the same price, I was wondering which has better price-to-performance ratio.  The genres I listen to are Electro, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Chillstep, Classical, Pop, and pretty much almost every genre out there. ...
  8. Austin Morrow

    Grado GR10: Blissful Harmonics (Final Review Added)

    Here is my final review as promised:   After spending a good month with the Grado GR10, I can wholeheartedly say that it may be one of the best IEM’s that I have ever listened to. Yes, it can compete with greats like the Ortofon e-Q7, the Westone 4, and the EarSonics SM3. Why and how does...
  9. FilipinoAko

    Any Grado sound like IEM that you can recommend?

    Hello. I am your usual forum lurker. I am presently using an iPhone earphones whenever I am not on my desk. On my desk, I always use my Grado SR - 80i headphone which I really really like because of its sound.   Any Grado sound like IEM that you can recommend?    Appreciate it.   Thank...
  10. Bohdy

    Upgrade from TF-10?

    Hi, I'm after some recommendations for a new IEM going from UE TF-10. Now I know everybody loves these phones but I think some things can be improved upon: 1. The fit. These things are sometimes a struggle to keep them in my ears while walking etc. 2. The sound. Be aware that I listen to...
  11. daniel521

    IEM that is balanced but fun?

    I had purchased the PFE232 because I thought their v-shaped signature would be fun and energetic. I was wrong because their mids were too recessed for me and I wasn't impressed, they definitely weren't fun for me. After returning them, I tried looking for a mid-centric model here at head-fi, but...
  12. Badcav203

    Alessandro MS2 listener looking for new IEM

    Hi,   New member, registered to see if anyone can give some advice.   As the the title suggests, I currently own a pair of MS2 headphones, which I love.   I am now looking at replacing a somewhat used and abused pair of Sennheiser CX400 which have served well over the past six or so...
  13. sup3r8

    audeo pfe 232 > mdr ex 1000 ?

    hello head-fiers..   My first post here. I have been trolling the forums as long as I can remember and owe my audio purchases to you folks. many thanks! I currently own the sony mdr ex 1000 and though a lot of opinions suggested how the iem may not be best suited for metal music, I...
  14. ESL-1

    Portable amp for Grado GR10 in-ears?

    I have a newly acquired set of GR10's with about 100 hours of break-in time on them. They are sounding quite good so far and have improved with the play time. I am contemplating getting a portable amp to improve things and was looking for recommendations that might work well with the Grados...
  15. ellis ip

    earphone better than westone4

    i use my westone 4 for few yr but i think the treble and mid is just not smooth and forward for me , i have try shure535 , but it just not bassy enough , i thought about sm3 but it less bass than w4 , i used to listen classical, pop, some rock , and sound track(transformer) any other suggestions...
  16. daniel521

    Best IEM for heavy metal under 500 dollars?

    Im currently looking for an IEM primarily for rock and metal. I currently own the sennheiser IE60, but I've been having some problems with it. First, its isolation is really bad, and isolation is one of the main reasons Im getting an IEM. Second, I recently purchased the ultrasone signature pro...
  17. CanadianNoob

    iem with a sound signature similar to grado

    I am new to the forum (1st post) and new to the hobby as well.   I kind of stumbled into this as I started on a journey to renew my pleasure in listening to music.   The first step I took was to refresh all of my digital music - going back and re-ripping my cds as lossless and...
  18. inhale

    Help with IEMs to pair with Cowon D2 and FiiO E17

    Greets from snowy Russia, folks.   I need your help in choosing IEMs under $300 (shipped) for my Cowon D2 and FiiO E17. Seacrch conditions are as follows:   1. Not-colored or low-colored super high-detail sound.  2. Solid contruction and strong cable. 3. High impendance(?). Since I'm...
  19. charlieboy

    looking for a Portable dac/headphone amplifier for my Grado GR10 and Sennheiser HD25-1 II

    Hey guys its my first post although Ive been reading the site for a few months.  I own a set of GR10 and a pair of hd25-1II.  Im looking to provide the best quality to both headphones using my GalaxyIII and my macbook. Looking for something under $500. Also what power supply is best for these...
  20. Erh1117

    UE 900 vs. Grado GR10

    UE 900 vs. Grado GR10   I am a newbie, so please forgive the multiple posting of this question in different threads...   I am interested in any thoughts fellow members have on the UE 900 vs. Grado GR10.  Particularly, I am wondering about sound quality, and especially which is more...
  21. Towwers

    Westone 4r vs Shure SE535 ( L.E. RED ) VS Regular Shure 535 REQ:( best Punchy bass )

    I already have the Shure SE215, and I really like the punchy bass on those. However, I want to upgrade, I recently bought the Grado GR10, love it for instrumental, but it lacks to much bass.. I really love the punchy bass and an overall good sound balance. which one do you recommend me??
  22. greggreynolds


    Hi All,  I need a little advice regarding some IEM's  I have looked on your forums at the discussions of 535 vs westone.   I found a UK website that seems to be the cheapest. I looked into the company's reviews and they are a mixed bag. Just wondered if anyone has purchased from this...
  23. Rock N Roll 93

    new in-ear

    Hi eveyone   This is my first post here. I want to buy a new in-ear, i listen only rock music and my budget is 300 € and i'm like in-ear with a flat response and i have a doubt for rock i buy dinamic armature or balanced armature ?, sorry for my bad English.   Thanks, Carlo
  24. FACSman

    Best IEM's Under $500

    Am considering Grado GR10, B&W C3, Paradigm E3m & Thinksound MS01.   Any others I should consider?   TIA - Rich
  25. 50mm

    Upgrade recommendations from Westone 4?

    Hello folks,   Just wondering, if you were upgrading from a Westone4, what would you go for ? and why ?   I was toying with the idea of the Grado GR10, the Audeo Phonak 232 or the Shure 535, maybe not as an upgrade, but more for a different sound signature.   Thanks for your input !