1. WarCable

    Samsung Galaxy S2 owner looking for good headphone solution for EDM

    I've been browsing these forums for weeks now cause I'm on the lookout to replace my in-ears but the more I read the more I get confused!   I listen alot of Electro / Dirty Dutch mixsets (Afrojack, R3hab, Bingo Players, etc) and the forums here have multiple threads about a suitable...
  2. MarleyM

    Better than beats by dre?

    Hello, I'm sure this question has been asked many times before so apologies in advance! I'm looking for on/over ear headphones with a budget of around £250 for my partner. He is keen on beats by dre however having done a little research I get the impression I am paying for brand rather than...
  3. hirtmic

    Buying new headphones with christmas money.

    So this Christmas I got a large some of cash and with some if it I am looking at purchasing new headphones. I want to get away from my four year old Dr. Dre  Studios. Plus I regret dropping the $250 on them.   So not really knowing where to look I figured that hear is the first place to ask...
  4. ScottFree

    Bombproof Portable On-Ears - Best Choices

    I'm looking to go back to on ear headphones and take a break for a while from IEM's and so I am looking for some new cans. However since these will be my main beaters for a while they must be robust and as tank-like as possible. However they must be small to medium sized as I have no wish to...
  5. emJay

    Need over-ear Headphones for Workouts at the gym

    Hello dear Head-fi Community! This is my first post and I would like to start by thanking all of you for this wonderful website which I lovingly call "Home" by now, 'cause that's the way I feel when I come to this site.   to the topic:   A good friend of mine asked me for help in...
  6. kasra

    Help finding right In-ears

    A friend is looking for inears that that has somewhat rolled off highs, due to sensitivity to treble. Strong bass is no issue. Budget up to 150$ Any particular brand/model to look for? Thanks!
  7. PatriotsFan

    What are the best headphones for r&b???

    Hey everybody I know little about headphones so I came here wondering what headphones should I get for r&b? My limit is $400. I want some headphones with great bass and great sound! It's not that important but I would like for other people around me to not hear my music because I tend to have...
  8. shamanstar

    Consumer Reports weighs in on Beats

    I am not a fan of Beats by Dre because of the hype factor. I always think the person wearing them is more concerned with image than quality sound. I hadn't even actually heard them until about a month ago when I asked a work acquaintance to give his a listen. They weren't too bad. Definitely not...
  9. nirer

    Searching for a better CHEAPER wireless headphone than "Beats"

    Hi, I'll make this one short, I work out a lot and I really have an issue with regular headphones/earphones... the cable always gets in the way of my weights, gets stuck between my legs when I lift... etc...   I decided it's time to go wireless to the gym! Unfortunately, I don't like the...
  10. Beats-By-Dre

    BEATS BY DRE MIXRS help!!!

    Hi I have mixrs and I think they are very good for the price and everything but there not comfortable, is there any place I could bye replacement earpads that are more comfortable. They have better sound then the whole beats line but they are less portable. Can I make them almost as comfortable...
  11. Prognathous ranks 18 Headphone Brands

    According to their research, the best three are Shure, Grado and Klipsch. The worst are Plantronics, Beats by Dre and Skullcandy.   More here:
  12. Player1josh46

    Where to sell Beats

    Yeah so i got beats headphones for the holidays. They are the solo hds(black). As you know i hate them so i want to know is a good place to sell them. IS anyone gonna pay $200 for it cause that's the minimun amount i need. Brand NEw still wrapped. PLEASE HELP! 
  13. Folex

    Beats by Dre question, could you like them if..

    I am curious if head-fier could like a pair of Beats if the following held true:   They were $150-200 new They had a driver from a respected company They sounded good Had a decent detachable cable
  14. Alex--o

    Beats by Dre Solo 2. Can Beats improve on their worst headphone?

    Hi all Beats has released an all new version of their disappointing Beats Solo HD. It follows the path of the new Beats Studio in terms of looks. The Studio was disappointing in terms of sound quality and the old Solo HD was polluted with muddy bass. The new version could hopefully improve on...
  15. Mustard Mayhem

    Is there a REALLY noticeable difference in IEM's?

    Okay, i am a complete scrub when it comes to headphones, ive never owned any high-quality IEM's or headphones...ever, but i recently just ordered the Velodyne vPulse IEM's, and I'm just wondering if ill notice a big difference from the past IEM's i have used (phillips SHE35xx the 15 dollar one...
  16. theeeditword

    Kobe Bryant's Headphones

    I was watching NBA TV and was wondering what headphones are these that Kobe Bryant is using?
  17. drenkk

    Lost bass on my right side (Beats by Dre) !!

    Hey,   I'm new here and I recently bought Beats by Dre from my friend they were working fine when in about 2 weeks the bass in the right side went almost deaf, almost since there is a little pulse heard but that is hardly called a bass. Has anyone experienced such an issue or does anyone...
  18. TheXwar

    Solo Beats By Dr.Dre or Technics RP DJ1200 ?? Please help me !!

    I'm an owner of Technics RP DJ1200 and recently a friend of mine told me to trade his Solo Beats with my headphones. I don't really know what to do because im very satisfied with Technics's audio quality. Will the Beats be better or worse? Should i trade them ? What do you think guys? Sorry if...
  19. Basick

    Bose AE2 vs. Sennheiser HD429 vs. Monster Beats Solo

    Hi which of these three is the best?   Bose AE2: 149$ Sennheiser HD429: 129$ Monster Beats Solo: 139$   These are for my gf who likes her bass but likes overall sound clarity and performance just as much.   These are all from bestbuy in canada as we have a giftcard.   Thanks!
  20. MrRager

    Over-the-Ear Bass Headphones

    I'm pretty new to all this headphone stuff so I don't know what to buy. Basically I'm looking for a pair of On-the-Ear headphones, preferably with a removable jack, that have amazing bass but great highs on songs without bass, and as stylish as the Monster Solo Beats with a price of ~150$. I...
  21. Redbaron5678


  22. dvada191

    Need help getting a cable for my headphones.

    Hello again. I, after researching headphones extensively online, have decided on buying some modded Audio Technica ATH-M50's with removable cables. However, I'm not too sure I will prefer the stock cable, simply because it isn't very portable, so I want to get a different cable. I've boiled it...
  23. Kefloxin

    Best headphones under 140$?

    Hi guys, New here, and I wanted to know what the best headphones I could get for under 140$ -150$. I'd like them to be fairly aesthetic (I like how Beats by Dre Solo look like but too many people have them and I've read they're not worth the price). Hopefully something that's not too big. 1)...
  24. LosslesslyHope

    Sell Beats, (yes Beats) and buy HiFiMan RE-262?

    Currently have Dr. Dre Beats. (They were a gift). I was wondering if it would be worth selling them, and buying the headphones mentioned in the title (HiFiMan RE-262). Also, if I could get enough money for the beats to purchase them. They are used, but have 0 signs of being used. Would also be...
  25. Whippo

    Comfortable headphones in the 100-200$ range

    Hello everyone, I am currently sitting on a pair of pretty crappy urban ears headphones. My biggest problem with them is the fact that they get super uncomfortable after 2-3 hours. Do you have any suggestions on an upgrade for me? I use them mostly for MP3s, not flac, no home theatre etc, so I...