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Any news on re272?

  1. JosephKim
    Ive been selling off my IEM/headphones in anticipation for these haha. Wondering if anyone has any info on the release.
  2. EraserXIV
    I've had a couple e-mail conversations with Fang and they have told me that they are pretty close to being ready to release them, but are just working out a few kinks. Apparently, they are trying to finish making the cable surface smoother so it is more flexible and less microphonic. I was told that as soon as they work that out, it should be ready to be released. I'm getting quite anxious because I've been holding my breath for these forever too!
  3. mvw2
    Cabling is a touchy subject.  It's hard to get things just right.  I tend to find that twisted cable is kind of the easier solution.  People like it, it works, and microphonics are generally low.  The twisting even creates a small amount of spring and give to the cable too, not a ton but some.  As for normal cables, one of my favorites has been my OK1 earbud cables.  It has a nice rubbery feel, very flexible, no memory, decently durable, etc.  I've always just liked it over a lot of other products although it's not technically the most robust, pretty, or absolutely durable thing out there.
    Was there any talk of sound signature?  That's mostly what I'm curious in.  I've used the RE0, RE-Zero, RE252, and RE262.  I think very highly of the RE262 driver, but the RE252 and even RE-Zero offers more balance and broad genre use with less coloration.  The RE262 is a great mid-centric earphone though..if mid-centric is what you're looking for.  I was hoping for balance though as the RE252 and RE-Zero are better geared.
  4. EraserXIV
    There aren't many impressions about the actual sound out, though the RE272 is 'supposed' to have more treble presence. There are only a handful of head-fiers who have head the RE272, which can be found out using google searching. Also, apparently the RE272 was given away as a prize in a Chinese forum and there are some impressions there, but google translate isn't too helpful.
  5. esanthosh
    Finally, a review appears - http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/558357/hifiman-re272-tony-s-review

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