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IEM VS Headphones

  1. Zowzout123
    So I am looking to replace my AD-700's that my dog ruined and I can't seem to properly fix and I'm trying to decide if I should go with another pair of AD-700's or if there is a comparable/better IEM for sound.  The budget is around $100 (Could spend more if I wanted but like to keep it under $200) because I primarily listen to music/play video games via my desktop speakers which are very very nice but for late night music/gaming sessions I want to use the headset.
    The AD-700's lacked bass but overall I was really happy with them and thought they sounded fantastic so I already know what I'm getting into with those.
    The main question is, are there things that IEM's are better for and likewise what a over the ear headset is better for?  These will be used exclusively at home, not running or working out or anything like that.  Also a good recommendation of IEM's that are comparable to the AD-700's?
    If must need fullsize closed back headphones then Denon used D2000 canbe find for under $200 and they sound amazing for the price. The other headphones like V-Moda M80 are also very detailed sounding headphones with tight punchy bass. The IEms like GR07, FXZ200, Sony EX7550, RE272 are very detailed and sound fairly big.
  3. ericfarrell85
    I've never heard the AD700, but given the choice between even my AD2000, which is a far cry from my best headphone I'd prefer it over any of my three custom iem's for what it does well. There are of course qualifiers there, for instance, I only use AD2000 with pop and rock, but given the same selection of pop and rock, iem's, even customs, are just hindered by the small scope of their presentation.

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