1. minhquancanon7d

    Quality Iem <300$ easy to buy in singapore

    I'm looking for a good quality set of Iem and I'm considering: Sony ex600 Vsonic gr07 bass edition Audio technica ath cks1000 Sennheiser ie80 Ultimate ears 900 Although the ie and ue is out of the limitation but I was impressed with the ie and curious about the ue! I'm using ue6000 and senn...
  2. bionicman

    Desktop Amp for IEM's

    After spending countless hours researching and a failed experiment with the Fiio E10K, I need some help . . . I'm looking for a desktop amp (or Amp/DAC) that can specifically handle IEM's, in particular the Klipsch S4 and Sony MDR-7550. I tried the Fiio E10K and it sounded muddy and didn't...
  3. Zashoomin

    Best IEM under $200

    Hello, I was looking for IEM because the headphones I have at home all are amazing but they are not all too portable.  As said above I would love a pair under $200.  I will be using them with my phone, and can get a portable amp if needed.  I am looking for something more neutral, but not too...
  4. mrboom

    Need an IEM recomendation

    Budget is $250. I have a pair of mdr xb60ex and they are great but they are wearing out. I listen to a lot of electro, house, dubstep, trap etc etc. I like bass but the light kind of bass. The kind that adds to your music and not booms hard and you can't hear anything else. I would prefer cheap...
  5. tseliottt

    Sony 7550 vs Etymotic ER4?

    Been looking to replace my old old Etys. 7550s look like they might fit the bill. How would you compare their sound signatures?
  6. yashi

    Looking for open/ semi-open In-ears

    Hi,   Well as the title says, I am looking for open/ semi-open In-ears.   I didn't expect that something like that actually exists but I found a few older threads which mention some, no longer available, models.   - Sony MDR7550  - phiaton 210   How open is open when it comes to...
  7. Basilius

    Good bass with forward, airy mids (max $300)

    I'm looking for a new universal iem for $300 max, but I'm not sure what to get.  I've tried the Rockit R-50 and liked the instrument separation and details, but it there wasn't enough bass and it sounded lifeless.  I also didn't really like the Vsonic GR07.  I'm looking at the RE-400, but it...
  8. Sushiglobster

    Sony MDR-7550 repair? (updated with picture)

    My MDR-7550 headphones sound great, but the right side over-the-ear piece is coming out of the right side main unit. I can see wires expose and everything.   It looks like the right side cable can detach from the right unit, but I don't understand how to get it to twist and disconnect.  Is...
  9. seeteeyou

    Sony's new flagship 2014 - MDR-Z7

        Sony just put this rather "mysterious" picture on their official site in China   Something alone the line of "1,500 days of anticipation" and then "Sony's BRAND NEW milestone about to be revealed" on the second line.    ...
  10. TheBoss

    Sony's New 2014 flagship IEM - XBA Z5 Looks like Z5 is the successor to the XBA H3 with improvements to the dynamic and BA drivers I wonder if XBA Z5 will be a new model above XBA H3 or a replacement to H3...   ... and imo the Z5...
  11. tseliottt

    New ear tips for Sony 7550s?

    Stock dont fit, Complys disintegrate within a week.
  12. kevms89

    Sony EX600 vs 7550

    From what I hear the 7550 has a shorter cable hanger, higher quality cable?, different design obviously. As for sound, that is what I am really interested in, the ex1000 is too expensive and even the 7550 is about $230 for me, I can get the ex600 for about $170 which is a big plus for me. So...
  13. Boffy

    AKG K701 vs MDR 7550 vs XBA H3?

    I have recently got into the world of audio, and I am thinking of buying myself a new pair of headphones. I am currently using Sony MDR 1R with Sony Walkman F806. I listen to a wide variety of genres, but mainly female vocals. AKG K701, MDR 7550, and XBA H3 all look very appealing to me, so I...
  14. SKilleT

    Sony MDR-7550 Replacement Cable ?

    Hello,   I just purchased my perfect IEM ever. The sound quality and the comfort is beyond explanation. Its perfect EXCEPT for one thing, the cable.   The cable is THIN and LONG. Since it has removable cable, I was wondering if there is any good quality or braided cables for it ? otherwise...
  15. kimvictor

    Lending out gears!

    About myself:   Hello all! It's winter, and I'm bored. So, I'm willing to lend out the following items: Sony MDR-7550 Lent! JVC FXZ-200 Voxoa HD Wireless Headphones   It would also be great if you are willing to lend me any...
  16. Zowzout123

    IEM VS Headphones

    So I am looking to replace my AD-700's that my dog ruined and I can't seem to properly fix and I'm trying to decide if I should go with another pair of AD-700's or if there is a comparable/better IEM for sound.  The budget is around $100 (Could spend more if I wanted but like to keep it under...
  17. O

    Best headphone/earphones for about £100 - £150

    Hi, i need some headphones or earphones for the price listed in the post title(about $150 - $220).   I mostly listen to music from the 80's such as Paul Simon and Nanci Griffith. i am driving it form my HTC one x and don't want an amp. they need to be portable to an extent but i don't really...
  18. RIQUE

    MDR-7550 vs XBA4

    I have been using a new set of MDR-7550 that replaced my Shures 320. I have to say that they are a definitive improvment and I can be happier with them.  Burn in is still under way though I have noticed the top end has smoothed out over time as most other users have commented.  I am very...
  19. a_recording

    [ REVIEW / COMPARISON ] Two Flagships Pass in the Night: Sony XBA-4 Review VS the MDR-EX1000 [Updated with 7550 and XBA-40!]

      XBA-4 Review vs Sony MDR-EX1000: Two Flagships Pass in the Night   April 2013 EDIT: Updated with notes on the 7550 and XBA-40! See post #3   Introduction: It’s A Sony!   This review is a rather lengthy comparison of two Sony flagship in-ear monitors: the MDR-EX1000 vs the XBA-4...
  20. ksimm033

    TDK-BA200 EQ'ed with E07K...Does this mean I like a different sound signature?

    I've spent about 100 hours so far with my BA200s. I'm using them with an EVO/iPhone 4s and E07K. my settings that I really enjoy on the E07K are +6db, +6 treble, and +4 bass. I listen to most genres of music ranging from R&B to Country to Hip-Hop and Rock. Sometimes the bass is perfect on the...
  21. nighthart

    UE700, SE425. Which one is better?

    Hi everyone.   I am currently using a set of Logitech UE 700s and have been wondering how they compare to the Shure SE425.
  22. Hank_Venture

    IEM replacement for Shure SE530 (sub-$200)

    Looking for a new set to replace my Shure 530's, they've been very good to me (Originally purchased from ebay in August 2008) and I was pretty rough with them at times. Cable is cracked some on the left, noise appearing in the right. Still working but I anticipate failure in the near future...
  23. jacobgong

    Looking for a new pair of in-ear headphones.

    I am currently using a pair of Etymotic Research MC5, I got these not long after it came out so that's about 2 or 3 years ago I can't remember. I wanted to get a new one and I'm looking for the following features: -The MC5, well the biggest complaint I have is probably the build quality. the...
  24. Chris_zuper

    IEM for iphone low/mid range prices

    Im considering buying my first pair of (hopefully) good sounding and insolating IEM. However, Im dont know that much about what is good and what is not..    Im primarily going to use them with my iPhone without external amp (as dont have such), so they need to pretty easy driven I guess -...
  25. S

    Sennheiser IE80s vs. Utimate Ears UE900?

    Let me start off by saying I'm looking for a pair of headphones, did my research, and found the Sennheiser IE80s. They seem to defeat the competition IMO and for my requirements. Then, I found the Ultimate Ears UE900, which seems to fit my price range. Here is a little background on me:   -I...