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Sony's New 2014 flagship IEM - XBA Z5

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  1. TheBoss

    Looks like Z5 is the successor to the XBA H3 with improvements to the dynamic and BA drivers[​IMG]
    I wonder if XBA Z5 will be a new model above XBA H3 or a replacement to H3...
    ... and imo the Z5 reeks serious business because of the conservative design & looks, and I also think it's even more conservative than even the already conservative EX800st / 7550 in the looks & flashiness department.
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  2. svyr
  3. kbal
    Any word or thoughts on pricing?
  4. AUserName501
    I think the MSRP is $699 (what it is currently priced on Amazon) but I doubt it will stay at that price for long. I'd expect the retail price to be around $400.
  5. svyr
    wonder how much z7 will be.
  6. leylandi
    700 USD
  7. Fizban
    Successor to H3? Oh that's quick
  8. zaim
    Awesome, can't wait for a UK price.
    Wonder what the difference is between the Z5 and A3:
  9. mochill
    Did you say $700 XD...slightly too much money for an iem for me but ill see the reviews first before deciding :wink:
  10. gerelmx1986
    Subbed too [​IMG][​IMG] 
    differences between A2, A3, A1 and Z5 are obvious
    Different frequebcy extension, different sound pressure levels, and the size of the dynamic driver, however, A3 and z5 have the same frequency response, but appears z5 has premium stuff on it, mainly the supertweeter is made of magnesium (doesn't say so on the A3 specs), the LCP driver of Z5 is coated in aluminum...
    As sony said when they released the SACD... "THE Compact disc (CD) was already a good start"... IMO the XBA-H3 were also already a good start
  11. TheBoss
    Why can't all sony regional sites stay in one page?
    I didn't know XBA-A3 is a new model (replacement to H3?) until I checked out Sony Singapore.  Sony China (mainland) and Germany only featured Z7.  Sony USA features no new models & upcoming flagships.
  12. TheBoss
    I'm sure it will be on the high side like the EX1000 because it's made in Japan.
    Apparently "Made in Japan" is now part of the marketing bullet point.
    Z5 pre-order page on amzn is up
  13. Ivabign
    Litz cables.... interesting
  14. gerelmx1986
    Newbie question, what are Litz cables???? i know OFC is oxygen-free copper... perhaps the copper is vacummed and the cable hot plastic injected in the copper wires during vacuum?
    I see on sony specs that they say OFC-Litz.... i think also says so on the XBA-H3 user manual
    EDIT: REading the manual of my XBA-H3's it says both cables are OFC-Litz, and the supertweeter diaphragm is made of aluminum
  15. lomenhk
    Sony makes the XBA-Z5 really tempting, it seems it is a total different and new level up from H3. There are successors announced of the H series (XBA-A3 might be the successors of H3, A2 for H2 and so on) and Z5 is another special, standing out MIJ model that being the new flagship of Sony IEM.
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