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Is The Hifiman re262 and re272 discountinued once and for all ?

  1. Minijim
    Hello people,
    It is my birthday today and I wanted to offer me new in-ears :).
    Months ago, I discovered the re262 but can not afford em but now I can but it's impossible for me to find it on head-direct.
    Can someone tells me, how/where to purchase them ? If not, which in-ears are the most popular for about 100-150$ ?
    Thank you guys for your answer.
    Have a good day/night/evening :).
  2. Mooses9
    i do believe they completely discontinued the se262/272 for the re-400-re-600 so you more than likly only be able to get them second hand.
  3. Minijim
    Oh !! What a shame :frowning2:
    Have you some good advices for equivalent ?
  4. FieldingMellish
    Yes. Second hand. :) Some are on the buy and sell at Head-Fi.
  5. Minijim
    I meant advices of equivalent in-ears :).
    I will take a look in the sell and buy section.
  6. thesuperguy
    I purchased my re262 off of amazon but it seems like they are no longer in stock. However, the re272 is available but there is only 1 left in stock.
    EDIT: the 262 is available on a website called crutchfield but I've never heard of them so be wary.
  7. cloudycloud
    Crutchfield is one of the most reputable sites I have ever dealt with.  I've bought thousands of dollars worth of equipment through them and never had an issue. Their customer service is also superb.  I wouldn't worry anything about placing the order through them.  Generally they are not the cheapest option though.
  8. thesuperguy
    Fair enough, but for the re262, they are the ONLY option. :p
  9. Minijim
    Found that: https://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=1HMRE262 but it's refurbished IEM. Someone knows about audioadvisor ?
    I am considering the purchase of Vsonic GR07 . What the MK 2 means ?
  10. kore
    Yes it is.. Maybe you can find NOS?
  11. proedros
    looks legit . great price too.
  12. Minijim
    What is NOS ?
    I sent a mail to AudioAdvisor about the "demo" meaning.
    I come back to the GR07. Does it sound warner than the RE272  RE262?
  13. Mooses9
    NOS= New Old Stock
  14. Minijim
    I got their answer. It seems the RE262 is out of stock for the moment but will re-supply since I place my order.
    What I it and now waiting for news :) but I feel that they are trustable.
    But I still wondering about the GR07.
    MAJ: Got some news: they do not ship HiFiMan products to France :frowning2:.
  15. laowai
    I don't want to make the deals of HiFiMan look too transparent, but the RE-Zero, RE-0, RE-262 and RE-272 are replaced by the RE-400. I do not mean that the RE-400 do better than the old models, but now they are the onliest HiFiMan available IEM.
    And as I remember, the old models became discontinued on 25th of October, previous year, and this means that no more supply has been granted to the distributors.

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