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Hifiman RE272 top of the line IEM Loaner program

Discussion in 'HIFIMAN Premier Sponsor Forum' started by nankai, Jun 22, 2011.
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  1. Nankai Contributor
    RE272 In-ear Headphones
    Retail: $249
    Driver Size: 9 mm
    Impedance: 20 Ohm
    Effeciency: 103 dB 
    Freqancy: 15 Hz to 22K Hz
    Earphone to TRRS balanced plug length: 55cm
    Extension Cords Length: 60cm
    Three different extension cords:
    TRRS to TRS
    TRRS to TRRS
    TRRS to TRS (phase reversed)
    This is a worldwide loaner program. We are proud to announce our new, top of the line RE272 In-ear headphone.Hifiman would like to allow some qualified members to be able to participate in our demo for our new flagship RE272. Five headphones will be included in this program. In your request, please include the portable gears that you will be using, and the other IEMs that you have in your collection.
    We would like to allow the first 20 eligible people that request a trial for each headphone, and here are the following parameters:
    1. You can keep the headphone for up to one week
    2. You must agree to ship the headphone and all of it’s accessories to the next person that we give you that is on the waiting list including using insurance
    and signature confirmation
    1. We ask that you include a small review of the headphones in this headphone loaner thread
    2. We ask that you treat the RE272 as if it was your own and take great care in handling and storing the headphone
    3. We ask that you have fun and enjoy the loan and share your experience with friends and other Head-Fiers.
    4. We reserve the right to deny requests that we feel don’t have the proper amp or experience using high end headphones 
    Update July 24, 2011


    We have sold out the first batch. We will ship all trial samples in the 2nd batch. We will start to do shipping sometimes next week according the following procedure. 4 samples will be shipped. If there are any headfiers who interested in join the program, please contact the last loaner member in the team you belong to. 


    Team US 1 (west)








    Team US 2 (east)








    Team Asia








    Team Commonwealth of Nations and Brazil






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  2. esanthosh
    Location: India
    Portable Sources: Sansa Clip+, Cowon S9, iPod Touch 3G (with LOD), Fuze V1 (with DIY LOD)
    Desktop Sources: HRT MSII, uDAC-2
    Portable Amps: Arrow 3G, iBasso T3
    IEMs I own: SM3 v1, CK10, FX700, DBA-02, TF10, e-Q5, GR07 and RE-252, RE0, RE-ZERO....   Rest in my profile
  3. mukulymn
    Location: India
    Source: Fiio E7
    Amps: fiio E9
    Earphones I have : Re262, Re1

    Experience with other earphones: Re0, Klipsch S4, Ortofon Eq5
  4. Kezghan
    Location: Canada
    Source: uDac, Sony S639 with Fiio LOD
    Amps: Sound Magic A10 or Fiio E11 or PA2V2
    Earphones I have : RE 0, RE 252, Monster Turbine Pro Gold, UE TF10, Shure SE215,

    Experience with other earphones: several other lower end models.

  5. mythless
    Location: Canada
    Source/amp: Sansa Fuze Rockbox, Fiio L6 LOD, Audio-gd Sparrow, Pico Slim, various vintage equipment
    Headphones/IEMs: RE0, RE252, RE262, Grado HF-2 (modded), Beyerdynamic T50P, Yamaha HP-2
    Experience:  I have written a few reviews here on Head-Fi, quite a bit of experience with different makes and models of headphones and other various equipment ranging from speakers, turntables, receivers, amplifiers, cd players,
  6. CEE TEE
    I have heard the non-balanced prototype version of the RE-272 and they are VERY nice.
    (I like the sound signature and the balance between a fast and smooth presentation.) 
    I'm interested in hearing what others think of them...
    Will do a review in July!
  7. Poetik
    Location: United states, Washington state
    Source/amp: Sansa Clip 8gb > Fiio L6 LOD > Fiio E11.  Also have an Audio GD NFB-11 which should be more than sufficient to power the 272's.
    Headphones: Denon LA7000, HD650, HD600, HD580
    IEM: Sennheiser IE8, Monster Turbine Pro Copper
    Experience: Owned multiple pairs of high end dynamics including recabled pairs (HD800, T1, D7000's).  Everything is listed in my signature if more information is needed.
  8. M3NTAL
    Location : United States / Arizona
    Sources : iPod 5th Generation Video and 3rd Generation Touch as well as 3 DAC based desktop systems (AMB Labs Gamma2, PS Audio Digital Link 3, MDHT Havana)
    Headphones: HD600, HD650, HD800, LCD-2, ESP-950
    IEM: Shure Se530, UE Tri-Fi10, Ety ER4-S
    Amplifiers: AMB Mini3, PPAv2, PS Audio GCHA, Singlepower Supra XLR, Fiio E1
  9. brendon
    Location:  Bombay, India
    Portable Sources: Sansa Fuze, BlackBerry 8330,
    Desktop Sources: Musicstreamer II
    Portable Amps: Ibasso P3+
    IEMs I own: RE1, RE262, Microsonics Epic X, Brainwavz M3, Sherwood SE-777,
    Headphones I own: Sennheiser HD650, Yamaha YH-100 orthodynamic
  10. thefungi
    Location : United Kingdom / London
    Sources : Fiio E7 DAC with Apple Macbook Pro, Sony NWZ-S610 Player, iPhone 4

    Headphones: Sennheiser HD380, HD570

    IEMs: Sennheiser CX400, Sony MDR-EX500, HiFiMAN RE-0, RE-262 
    Amplifiers: Fiio E7

  11. mefxes
    Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Portable sources: Sansa Fuze (Rockboxed), Nationite Nanite N2 (Class A amp), Ipod Shuffle
    Desk sources: Indeed G2 (Class A amp) + Oneal 200w RMS stereo amplifier + Realtek ALC888 (computer)
    IEMs I own: Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10, Fischer Audio Eterna rev 1, Brainwavz B2, Vsonic GR07, Brainwavz Alpha and ProAlpha.
    IEMs I owned: Visang R03 (Brainwavz M2), Philips SHE9550, SoundMagic PL30
  12. sa_ill
    Location: New Delhi, India
    Portable Sources: Creative Zen, Sansa Clip+, iPhone 4
    Portable Amps: FiiO E3, FiiO E11 (ordered. Should be reaching me in a week or so)
    Desk Sources: Asus Xonar DX >> Creative Gigaworks T40 + Head Sonic TQ
    IEMs I own: Sennheiser CX300, Shure E3C, Shure E5C, HiFiMan RE-262
    Headphones I own: Sennheiser HD650
  13. tuahogary
    location : Malaysia
    source : Samsung galaxy s with voodoo sound driver
    amp : fiio e7
    iems : Sony ex1000, Panasonic hje900, westone um3x
    tested thoroughly : jvc fx700, ortofon eq7, fad 1601sb, sunrise xcape ie, sennheiser ie8, westone 2, westone 3, radius ddm and some others
  14. asrphani
    Location : India
    My portable gear : HM602-->CB-06-->d10-->RE262
    All Iems I own - RE0,RE1,RE2,RE262,PL50.
    The Iem box looks great Nankai.
  15. mrarroyo Contributor
    Fang, you are killing me! [​IMG] Please tell me you will have a balance headphone amp module for the HM801, that would be awesome! If so any chance to audition them as a combo?
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