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Hifiman RE272 now available

  1. EraserXIV
  2. munkyballz
    Nice.  Though at $250, a bit of a tough market point as the early reviews I've read deem it as a better built, slightly improved 262.  With the likes of the GR07, Sony EX600, and others popping up recently for considerably less, not sure if it priced itself out of the market.
  3. bakka
    i think its price would be lowered in future, aside from that 3 year warranty is great indeed
  4. EraserXIV
    I'm a bit disappointed at the price point too. With the RE262 at $150, it's hard to justify spending $250 for a tweaked upgraded version that the RE262 should have been. $250 has it dabbling in the price range of high end B/A IEMs, $200 seems like a much more appropriate price point with other IEMs like the GR07 readily available for lower.
  5. Inks
    I agree 200$ sounds more reasonable. The competition is really tough at the 150$ range nowadays. 
  6. JosephKim
    ouch. ive been waiting for these but im not going to spend anywhere near $250 for them. my er4p will tide me over until the price drops.
  7. tomscy2000
    Maybe they created the RE272 to boost the sales of the RE262 haha
  8. IanM
    I'll be watching the feedback, reviews and comments with great interest. I've had the RE262 for a few weeks now, and while I'm holding off making a definitive judgement until I've had more time and figured out how to get the best fit, I do like them a lot. However I have been wondering if the promised improved treble might make the RE272 a more engaging listen.
  9. HynchSidrick
    too expensive!
  10. Ikarios
    Head-Direct will probably drop the price to around $200 sometime in the future, which would probably be perfect from the looks of the reviews. Even at $250 it can be a competitive product, any improvement on the 262 makes for a very good IEM.
  11. EraserXIV
    Here's to hoping it's sooner rather than later [​IMG]
  12. kiteki
    Anyone compared these to the UE700??
  13. mark2410 Contributor


    they arent comparable in any way other than they are both bright.  the UE700 is a display in how the screw up a dual driver BA.  the 272 is a display in making a dynamic driver that can spit out more detail than and ER4 with ease.

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