Mar 11, 2010
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    Headphone Inventory:
    (Only gear currently owned or currently undergoing testing will be listed.)

    Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitor [Test Unit] [☆ Reference ☆]
    Noble Audio 4C [Test Unit]
    Custom Art Music One [Test Unit]
    Custom Art Music Two

    Sony MDR-EX1000
    Klipsch X20i [Test Unit][☆ Daily Driver w/90 ohm adapter added ☆]
    Noble Audio Savant Wizard Edition [Gift from the Wizard]
    Massdrop x Noble Audio X [Test Unit]
    RHA T20 [Test Unit]
    Dynamic Ear Company DS-11 (ACS T15) [Test Unit][Broken]
    Etymotic MK5 Isolator [Test Unit][Overseas]
    DUNU DN-2000J [Test Unit][Overseas w/Ohm Image]
    DUNU Titan 1 [Test Unit][Broken]
    DUNU Titan 1es [Test Unit]
    DUNU Titan 3 [Test Unit]
    DUNU Titan 5 (Broken) [Test Unit]
    Astrotec AX35 (Broken) [Test Unit]
    Astrotec AM850 [Test Unit]

    Meze Audio 99 Classics [Test Unit]
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Resonessence Labs Concero HP [☆ Reference ☆]
    SMSL iDEA [☆ Daily Driver ☆]
    FiiO E11K (Prototype) [Test Unit]
    FiiO E10K (Prototype) [Test Unit][Out On Loan]
    Source Inventory:
    Apple iPhone
    Cable Inventory:
    Estron Linum BaX
    Forza Audioworks Copper
    90 ohm Resistance Adapter
    Power-Related Components:
    iFi Audio iUSB Power
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Lots of random DIY IEM stuff
    I have a lot of photography gear.
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