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  1. Lil' Knight
    I sell EraserXIV a cable for his recabling job. The transaction went very smooth and he knew exactly what he needed. Recommended head-fier!
  2. jaykay
    EraserXIV bought a pair of denon d1000 from me. Payment was very quick and communication was great. I definitely recommend him as a head-fier!
  3. mark2410 Contributor
    I bought some tips from EraserXIV. A smooth transaction and they arrived expediently too. Great stuff.
  4. sampson_smith
    I purchased a pair of UE Triple-fi 10's off of Ethan. It was a smooth transaction and he's a professional Head-fi'er. What can I say - very happy how everything turned out! [​IMG]
  5. rawrster
    I purchased a pair of silicon ear hooks from EraserXIV. smooth transaction and wouldnt hesitate to deal with again.
  6. momomo6789 Contributor
    sold him lod quick payment [​IMG]
  7. fzsrv
    I bought a FiiO E7 from EraserXIV and the transaction could not have been easier. Item was as described and shipping was quick!


    Mark M
  8. kobayashi
    Sold a pair of CK10s to EraserXIV. Very smooth transaction.
  9. momomo6789 Contributor
    sold him wire fast payment [​IMG]
  10. hvu
    Trade EraserXIV my W3 for his CK10 it was a very smooth transaction and quick shipment.
  11. gamekiller
    Bought HE Arrow from EraserXIV. Quick shipment and smooth transaction
  12. ALBPM Contributor
    I bought a pair of RE0s from EraserXIV.Very smooth transaction and they were shipped very fast. Would deal with him again great Head-Fier.

    Thanks EraserXIV !!!
  13. Tb311
    He bought a pair of ATH-M50s. Very quick payment and great communication. Highly recommended.
  14. TLY
    Bought a low profile LOD from EraserXIV. Excellent seller. Great communication and fast shipping. Highly recommend. It was a pleasure.
  15. Rideau
    He bought my Audio-gd Sparrow Version A.  Very quick payment and a good communicator.  Highly recommended. 

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