1. jailhouselounge

    Need earphones upgrade advice

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade from my old audeo 022 with grey filters. I'm currently looking into vsonic gr07 mkII, gr01, v1001, fischer dba 02, or tdk ba200. I'm looking for something balanced to analytical, not too warm within the price frame of those earphones mentioned. Which would you...
  2. St0RM53

    Help me make a choice with your experience! Anyone with EDM taste!

    I've made a post in the question thread but didn't got the answer i wanted. That's why i made a thread. Here's how it goes:   Hello again. After making lots of research i'm ended up having to decide between these: -Vsonic GR01 -Fischer Audio DBA-02 mkII -Vsonic GR07 bass edition...
  3. Zashoomin

    Best IEM under $200

    Hello, I was looking for IEM because the headphones I have at home all are amazing but they are not all too portable.  As said above I would love a pair under $200.  I will be using them with my phone, and can get a portable amp if needed.  I am looking for something more neutral, but not too...
  4. spitfirezip100

    Recommendations for IEM, similar to ATH-CK10 but not as bright

    Hey everyone, I've been on the hunt for a new pair of IEM's since I lost my ck10's that I bought from a member here years ago.   - Favorite IEM's: ATH-CK10 - - Source: smart phone (Galaxy s4), but open to considering something like Fiio x series - - Music: EDM, Dubstep, classic rock...
  5. malifact

    Lively IEM with Very Good Isolation

    I was hoping someone could recommend an IEM as per the title of the thread.  These are the factors that are important to me:   Isolation: This is the most important factor, as the IEMs would mostly be used for commuting and my train route is very noisy.  Something as close as possible to the...
  6. thedocdetroit

    Best IEM for the gym?

    Vsonic GR01 vs Westone Adventure vs Fischer Audio DBA-02 MKII vs HiFiMan - RE 272 vs Brainwavz B2 vs others   What would be the best IEM that provides good lows, mids, and highs with good isolation and durability for a gym environment?
  7. noktekniq

    Recommendations other than x10?

    Anything else comparable to the x10?  I'm hearing that these are the smallest earbuds for people with small ears. But, seems like most people say the quality of cable sucks.  My ultimate goal is to find something like the x10 (in terms of nozzle size and fitment for small ears) with cables...
  8. newzild

    Recommendation sought: a custom IEM that sounds like Sennheiser HD25-1 II

    Hi guys,   I'm looking for a custom IEM recommendation and would appreciate your help.   I've been a member for a long time, but haven't posted for a long time. I usually only drop into the Head-fi forums when I'm looking to buy. I end up reading dozens of reviews, getting confused, and...
  9. d3ft

    Vsonic GR01 replacement filters

    Due to a wax buildup which had somehow made its way through the protective mesh, one of the paper filters on my GR01s has become unusable (volume about 95% reduced). I've peeled off the filters on both side in order to keep using the 'phones but this has rendered the sound extremely fatiguing...
  10. classycalatrava

    Looking for IEM Advice - Analytical & Detailed & Balanced & New

    Hi Headfiers, I have been a lurker for a while now and decided to join the group. I am looking for my first high end IEM under $200. I listen to a variety of music including hip hop, classical, jazz, soul, R&B. Previously, I have listened to the JVC FXT90 and the Etymotic HF5. I prefer the HF5...
  11. janoslc

    some help ! IEM for CLIP ZIP, ROCK

    Hi,    need some help choosing new headphones,    wich is better with rock ( Oasis, Jet, Red hot, Pearl Jam, The strokes, The killers, U2, foo fighters..)   fischer audio dba 02 mkii  vsonic gr01 vsonic vc1000 astell kern akr01   i hear the brainwavz b2 and i feel it so brilliant...
  12. dark energy

    Comparison: VC1000 vs TDK IE800 vs GR01 vs RE400 vs BA200 vs R50

    I am interested in getting VC1000 or GR01 (or something similar) and would like some feedback on these models. I own RE400, have auditioned IE800 for a long period, which i like very much. I have also auditioned BA200. Great smooth sound. [Preferred sound signature: neutral, detailed, good...
  13. takowhut

    FA DBA-02 MkII or Vsonic Gr01?

    I'm considering a step up for my IEM collection, and I like the sound from dual balanced armatures because of their transparent sound and their punchy bass. I've sort of narrowed down my choices to the models stated in the title and have tried the dba-02's counterpart, the gr07, but didn't like...
  14. zzllloz

    Iems under 200$ (Vsonic GR01 / 07 mk2 vs SONY MDR-EX600 vs rock it sounds r-50 vs Audio-Technica ATH-CKM99)

     (Vsonic GR01 / GR07 mk2 vs SONY MDR-EX600 vs Rock It Sounds R-50 vs Audio-Technica ATH-CKM99) which one has the best sound quality? for : Hip hop , rap , electronic , rock... i am using the Sansa clip+   Thanks in advance
  15. sjolander21

    Best IEMs around 100-200$ ?

    Hi, owner of the Focal Spirit One and I appreciate it's sound signature - flat and highly detailed but still with some punch and richness. Now I'm looking for an IEM with a somewhat similar sound in the price range around 100-200$. It is to be used together with an iPod Classic 2009 paired with...
  16. nucgaek

    WANTED: GR01, RE272, RE262, ER-4P/S, Sony EX1000, Earsonics SM2 or similar to AUS

    Hi, Looking for some low-to-mid level IEMs to complement my TF10s. Preferably new or lightly used, GR01, RE272, RE262, ER4 series, Sony EX1000s, Earsonics SM2 or something around that pricerange.   $130 is what I'm looking at around, willing to offer more for brand new or the...
  17. seanc

    VSonic GR07 vs Vsonic GR01 vs Fischer DBA-02 MKII

    Which one is better? and why?
  18. what?

    wtb, Fischer Audo Dba-02 or Brainwavz B2 any TWFK iem (q-jays, UE700, GR01

    shell condition un important, ill be having them re shelled so as long as the drivers work im interested.   pm me for fastest response. $100 + or -
  19. kkl10

    FT/FS: My Vsonic GR07 for your RE262/GR01 [TRADED]

    Hey there,   My priority is to trade my mint Vsonic GR07 IEMs for the GR01 or RE262. These are the 2nd version which is said to have a slightly warmer sound than the first version. All original acessories (leather pouch, ear guides, eartips) included in original box. Everything as new as...
  20. jasonb

    Tip options for Vsonic GR01

    I have seen the tip thread for the GR07, how about a tip thread for the GR01?   I'm looking to see what else fits without effecting the sound. I like the isolation of the supplied bi-flange tips, but they aren't the most comfortable. The hybrid style tips fit nice, but the isolation is low...
  21. ljokerl

    Review: VSonic GR01 - A Gentleman's TWFK

    VSonic joined the upper-tier potable audio market a bit over a year ago with the introduction of the GR07 dynamic-driver monitor. The GR07 made quite a splash, quickly becoming one of the most commonly recommended earphones and maintaining its popularity to this day. My personal opinion of the...
  22. disappearedng

    GR01 Static zzz for classical music

    I just bought a pair of GR01 and I can't help but notice the static 'zzz' sounds I am hearing during the high trebles of some of my fav piano pieces.    Does this mean that my earphones are suitable for this kind of music or is my music just too poorly recorded which is resulting in this...
  23. badgerbimmer

    Comply Tips for Vsonic GR01

    while Comply doesn't yet recommend a tip for the GR01. is there a tip that will fit the GR01?
  24. soundstige

    WTB: Vsonic GR01

    Looking for a GR01 in good condition. Well-used is fine. Thanks!
  25. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] VSONIC GR01, GR02 Bass Edition, GR06 and GR99 – V for VALUE

    First, I’ll like thank both VSONIC and lendmeurears.com for the samples. With the success of GR07 since early 2011, VSONIC has had quite an ambition plan to develop a series of IEM that will continue to offer top value for the money. With GR06 being launched late last year, now it has been...