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Bowers & Wilkins C5 worth a try? Need help

  1. xphynance
    Hello to everyone! 
    I am new to Head-Fi, just found this place, my new home...
    I may need some guidance. Recently I am looking for a nice in-ear headphones for daily commute and outdoor use. I have been using HD650 + NuForce HDP at home for a while, and most of the time I listen classic and a little bit voices. I do not want to spend more than $300 (ideally around $200) on an in-ear, the sound quality and noise isolation are my main concerns. I know I can not require too much on an earphones but I still want to get the maximum out of it. 
    Thanks for their great commercials, Bowers and Wilkins C5 jumped into my eyes. Kind of like the brand and design. But I heard some one said the high and mid range lacks details, and the bass is too amplified? Is this true? Will it get better after burned in or with an amp? Or any other suggestions for my needs within $150-$300 range?
    Really appreciate. Thank you all!
  2. FatmanSize48
    The bass is INCREDIBLY overpowering. As my first decent IEM, not counting the Bose one, I was very satisfied until I heard the Hifiman RE262s. Those...killed for classical.
  3. FatmanSize48
    Double post: You might also want to look at the RE400, which I personally have not heard, but is supposedly as good as or better than the RE262
  4. xphynance
    Thank you FatmanSize48,
    Actually I have ordered one C5 from Apple right after I asked here[​IMG]
    just couldn't resist the name: Bowers & Wilkins
    Now, already 100+hours into it, nothing impressed me on iPhone. Tried it on my HDP, the overall SQ is much better, but still too much bass and lack transparence and detail for me. It looks gorgeous, top of the line build quality, and fit very well in my ears, but just not the sound I like.... it may be suitable many other kinds of music but definitely not for classical...
    Will return it or trade for a RE400, hope that one is better.....
  5. xphynance
    BTW, have anyone heard RE400 or Shure IMEs on Pico Slim? How's that sound?

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