1. boblt29

    SMSL sap II or Nuforce Icon HDP

    I got this amp a few months ago, and it's my only amp as of now (I just kinda got into listening to music with high quality headphones, amps).  To me, for the money I paid, it was worth $65 definitely. I'm probably getting Nuforce HDP for my Sennheiser HD650 though, because it seems like it...
  2. xphynance

    Bowers & Wilkins C5 worth a try? Need help

    Hello to everyone!    I am new to Head-Fi, just found this place, my new home...   I may need some guidance. Recently I am looking for a nice in-ear headphones for daily commute and outdoor use. I have been using HD650 + NuForce HDP at home for a while, and most of the time I listen...
  3. pste

    senn hd600 + icon hdp - problem - too quiet or hardware problem

    Hi there,                                       I've just bought my dream gear (senn hd600 + icon hdp). But as I'm a total newbie here I'm not sure if I have some hardware problem with my HDP or not. Maybe you can clarify this for me.   Sound is really great and clarity is amazing but it's...
  4. Mamurai

    Choosing between 4 amp/dac

    So I have been doing a bit of research, and come up with 3 contenders of what I'm looking for. It is pretty much a combined amp/dac solution which doesn't cost more than $1000. I am hoping some of you guys have experience with one or more of these, as I'm looking for an unbiased/uncoloured...
  5. Mamurai

    Choosing between 4 amp/dac

    So I have been looking for an amp/dac for a while with a budget of around $1000, although getting more for less is always very welcome. Regardless, I am looking for unbiased/uncoloured opinions, or as much as possible at least, since sound does come down to preference as well.    The list is...
  6. rhettd03

    Questions about Nuforce Icon hdp for my JH16s.

    Yo guys, so this is my first thread on head-fi, I've browsed the forums for about a year and finally have a question that I can't find a answer to.  So I just received a Nuforce Icon HDP for my JH16's. I've had my JH16's for about a year now, which I'm extremely happy with.  For the past year...
  7. aabear

    Battery for nuforce icon hdp

    Apologies if this question is silly or has already been answered (I did a bit of research and did not find any answers to my question).   I own the Nuforce ICon HDP and its need to use a mains plug all the time is a bit of a nuisance. I would like to connect it to an external battery so that...
  8. spunnik

    dac amps for K550 + 2.0

    hello guys, I needed an amp for my AKG 550 K which then also connect the stereo speakers 2.0 What do you advise on budget 400-500 €. I thought about the NuForce Icon HDP or teac ud-h01 in your opinion what is the best? .. or he recommended another...
  9. iammbox

    controlling studio monitor volume

    I currently have a nuforce icon hd for both my headphones and monitors but I recently purchased an aune t1 (knob only controls the volume for headphones). Ive been reading that if I hooked up the monitors to the aune t1, I would get sound however I wouldn't be able to control the volume. I would...
  10. Krutsch

    Replacement DAC section for NuForce Icon HDP?

    Hi All,   I frequently use a Wolfson DAC -equipped SACD player's analog outs into a NuForce Icon HDP.  I really like sound of those components, together, and so I am pretty happy with the amp section of the Icon HDP w/ a linear power supply.   However, taking the same Redbook audio...
  11. BetaWolf

    Amp + Dac combo with optical for home theater <$400?

    I'm looking for a decent combo, possibly an integrated unit, for less than $400. Must have optical in. It's for immersive gaming and media watching. That is, Wii U, animated films, and anime. Bass isn't important.   Source is Panasonic DMP-BDT320. Headphones are AKG K702. Would like...
  12. rt310

    What is a preamp and what does it do?

    For example, take the two amps NuForce Icon HDP and Nuforce Icon HD. It's my understanding that the HD doesn't have a pre-amp; what does this mean? What can't it do?
  13. cssarrow

    RCA Cable for DAC to Speaker

    Hey, I'm looking for an RCA -- > 3.5mm or RCA --> RCA For my NuForce Icon HDP to connect to Audioengine A5+. Would RCA to RCA be better than RCA to 3.5mm or vice versa? (Less cable = better sound right?) I currently use ...
  14. Climber

    Tell me why I don't like my HE-400s

    Ok, I didn't mean to blaspheme. I do like my HE-400s, I just don't always *love* them. I first got them a week ago and the 'wow' factor was stunning with what I started with. Sam Cooke? I nearly fell out of my chair. Joao Gilberto? Jaw-dropping. Curtis Mayfield, Waylon Jennings, Yo-Yo Ma, Nick...
  15. HiFiGuy528

    NEW! Nuforce HDP - Icon DAC with DSD support.

    Brand new second generation Nuforce HDP-Icon DAC coming out this week.  Here are the details.  I hope to get my paws on one so I can try out the DSD processing.   from Nuforce:     The innovative NuForce Icon DAC delivers the latest mobile device connectivity by supporting USB Audio...
  16. pisiiki

    Sennheiser HD 600, do I need an Amp?

    Hello I have spent a couple of days reading about headphones and amps. My old HD 595 is dying and I am looking for a replacement so I thought I could buy the HD 800 and "just plug it" into my pc. Then I realized that I was going to literally throw the money to the trash if I didn't pair them...
  17. Deathdeisel

    Amp Recomendation?

    Hey guys, im looking for a new desktop amp. Not looking for anything gigantic or immensely expensive. Im currently using my Denon D5000s, and am looking for something to replace my E7/E10 combo. Sound wise im looking for something fun and engaging, good amounts of bass, but still clean and...
  18. msodrew

    Help Needed: NuForce Icon HDP analog input not loud enough for turntable + phono pre-amp; USB is fine though

    I have a NuForce Icon HDP that accepts a number of inputs, including USB (for use as a DAC+headphone amp) and analog RCA (for use as a pass-through headphone amp).   My connection setup is as follows:   Rega RP1 turntable (self-grounded) ⇆ TCC TC-750LC Phono Preamp ⇆  NuForce Icon HDP...
  19. onebaseking

    Do I need a sound card?

    Hi, I've got a DAC/AMP and HD650 and I just connect the DAC/AMP through the usb in the computer. I'm just wondering, i don't have a sound card in my computer, will adding a sound card make a difference?
  20. Hiyono

    iPad mini + camera connection kit + Dac = : )

    I got an iPad mini today. Just letting people know that external dacs work like the iPad. So far works with my emm labs dac2 and leckerton uha-6s mk2. Doesn't work with nuforce HDP.
  21. fatmaggot

    Help with buying an amp.

    hi, i was looking to upgrade my home system, as i am just playing out of my computer at the moment, through my horrible dell speaker. i was wondering what what amp/dac should i get, as i am planning on buying the dt990 pro's for home use next year. I was thinking the nuforce icon hdp, but i...
  22. Leonarfd

    AKG K550 AMP or Soundcard

    Hey. I got the AKG K550s, I have used em mostly with my laptop at uni but decided to get some iems for that instead. So now im plugging them into my gaming computer at home instead, the only problem now is low sound and lack of elements in the sound. I understand this is due to the bad onboard...
  23. Hifisound

    5 DACs

    Hi all,   I am looking to buy a new DAC which can used as outboard DAC for PC or MAC, to be connected to my amp (NAD C372) in the main system. I am looking at following options :   1) Teac UD-H01 2) PS Audio DLIII 3) Peachtree DACiT 4) ASUS Xonar Essence One 5) Nuforce HDP   I am...
  24. dolor

    DAC/AMP suggestion for the Beyerdynamic T1?

    I've been using my T1 together with my nuforce icon hdp for a while now, but I think its time for an update.   I've been thinking about purchasing the Musical Fidelity M1 HPA headphone amp which I've read does pretty well on its own included DAC and I might buy an external DAC for it later...
  25. planx

    Calyx Coffee DAC vs Nuforce HDP?

    I currently have the Calyx Coffee DAC for my Laptop (I normally use my CD player for music, but despite certain circumstances, I have to resort to my PC often) and I was wondering if anyone has good experience with the Nuforce HDP. I originally bought the Calyx Coffee for it's useful Track Skip...