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Attend meetings; read and write e-mail.

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Headphoneus Supremus, Male

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    Attend meetings; read and write e-mail.
    Work, work and more work.
    Headphone Inventory:
    AudioQuest Nighthawk
    Grado RS2i
    Sennheiser HD 700
    Sennheiser HD 650
    Sennheiser HD 598
    Sony MDR-Z7
    STAX SR-30 + SR-4D
    Sure SE420, SE535LTD
    Yamaha EPH-100SL Inner-Ear Headphone
    Bose QC-25
    Bose QC-15
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Woo Audio WA3
    Lehmann Audio Rhinelander
    NAD D 1050
    NuForce Icon HDP + LPS-1 Linear PSU
    FiiO E11K
    SONY PHA-3
    NAD C 375BEE Integrated Amp w/ MDC DAC Module
    NAD C 162 Pre-amp
    Pioneer VSX-1122-K AVR
    Source Inventory:
    Rega RP3 table (Elys 2) + Rega white belt + Rega TT-PSU + Rega Fono MM Mk II
    Thorens TD-166 Mk II table (Audio Technica 440mla) + Pro-Ject Speedbox + Vincent PHO-8
    Nakamichi 582 Cassette Deck
    Nakamichi CR-3a Cassette Deck
    Bryston BDP-1 (AIFF via MyCloud NAS)
    Mac Mini (2011, MinimServer, RoonServer)
    MacBook Retina (15" 2013, Audirvana+, Roon, HQP)
    + UpTone REGEN w/ Welborne Labs Linear PS + Bel Canto REFLink (USB-to-SPDIF)
    Bel Canto e.One DAC 2.5
    Rega DAC
    Sony PHA-3
    NAD D 1050
    NuForce Icon HDP
    Marantz SA-15S2B Limited (Redbook & 2-channel SACD)
    Onkyo C-S5VL (Redbook & 2-channel SACD)
    Sony UHP-H1 (Blu-ray, DVD, DVD-Audio)
    + KANEX Pro HDMI de-embedder + Wyred4Sound Remedy Re-clocker (SPDIF-to-SPDIF)
    Pioneer BDP-62FD (Surround SACD, DVD-Video/Audio and Blu-ray)
    Sonos Connect + PLAY:5, et al.
    Schiit Wyrd + Modi 2 Uber
    Arcam rBlink (aptX Bluetooth) +
    SONY Walkman NWZ-A17 + PHA-1A DAC/amp
    Cable Inventory:
    Curious USB Cables (2.0M and Regen Link)
    Mad Scientist Audio Heretical Cable (1.0M coax)
    iFi Mercury and Gemini Dual-Headed USB cables
    Kimber: D-60 (Ag) coax, Hero + WBT-0114, DV-30 (Cu) coax, Timbre & PBJ RCA, Cu USB;
    AudioQuest: Diamond OptiLink, Carbon AES/EBU, Carbon USB, Carbon coax, Mackenzie RCA, NRG-X2/X3 Power
    Lifatek SILFLEX Glass TOSLINK
    AQ NightHawks: Moon Audio Blue Dragon, Furutech 3.5mm
    Shure SE535: Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3, Furutech 3.5mm
    Senn HD-700: Moon Audio Black Dragon V2, Furutech 6.3mm
    Senn HD-650: Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3, Furutech 6.3mm
    Senn HD-598: OYAIDE HPC-62HD598 2.5m (6.3mm), OYAIDE HPC-35HD598 1.3m (3.5mm)
    Sony MDR-Z7: Kimber Kable SE (3.5mm) and Balanced (3.5mm x 2)
    Power-Related Components:
    NuForce Linear Power Supply (LPS-1) (15v)
    Welborne Labs Linear Power Supply (6v)
    iFi-audio: iPurifier2, iUSBPower, iPower (9v and 5v models)
    Schiit Audio Wyrd
    UpTone Audio Regen
    Furman PST 8D Advanced Level Power Conditioning
    Panamax MR4300 Power Conditioner
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Driver Tubes:
    Electro-Harmonix 6922 (x2, New),
    Amperex 7308 PQ Whites (x2, NOS, US, 66-37),
    E88CC SQ 6922 (x2, NOS/NIB 1971, Philips Heerlen Holland),
    6DJ8/ECC88 Bugle Boy (x2, NOS, Heerlen Holland) & Orange (x2, New Mfgr, Hungary),
    Reflector Corp, Saratov 6H23p-EB (x2, Russian Military, NOS),
    6N23p Matched QUAD REFLECTOR Single Wire Getter Post, SilverShield '74 (x4, NIB/NOS)
    Siemens CCa (x2, NOS),
    E88CC (x2, NOS),
    E288CC (x2, NOS, re-branded Philips),
    E288CC (x2, NOS, Munich, re-branded Telefunken),
    Telefunken E188CC (x2, NOS),
    E88CC 6922 (x2, NOS/NIB 1968, Ulm),
    E88CC-TK (x2, Black Diamond, New Mfg. Slovakia)
    Western Electric JW 2C51 (396A) (w/ 5670 TO ECC88 Socket Converter)

    -- -- -- -- -- --
    Power Tubes:
    GE JAN 6080-WC (New Mfgr),
    GEC 6AS7G Brown Base (x2, NOS),
    RCA 6AS7G Black Plates (x4, NOS), 1951, 1954
    Sovtek 6AS7G / Svetlana Winged C (x3, NOS),
    Sylvania 7236 (x4, NOS),
    Tung-Sol 7236 (x2, NOS),
    6AS7G (x2, NOS) Winged-C,
    6520 (x3, NOS),
    5998 (x3, NOS, 1 re-branded as Chatham 2399),
    Western Electric 421a (x5, NOS)
    -- -- -- -- -- --
    Amperex 6V4 EZ80 (z2, NOS, France),
    Brimar EZ81 (x2, NOS, Black Plates),
    Siemens EZ81 (x2, NOS)
    Telefunken EZ80 (x2, NOS, 1 re-branded as National Electronics),
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Mapleshade platforms, isoblocks, brass footers, tube dampers
    Tube Monger socket savers
    Music Preferences:
    Just about anything, except new country.
    Classical music (mainly strings), jazz, electronica, ambient and metal.
    Nothing much to see here.


    MacBook (Roon) → EthernetBryston BDP-1 → Curious USB Bel Canto REFLink + DAC 2.5
    Rega RP3 + TT PSU + Elys II → Fono Mk II Marantz SA-15S2B SACD Nakamichi 582, CR-3A Tape

    Lehmann Rhinelander ♦ Woo WA3 + Western Electric 421a + Siemens E288CC
    AQ NightHawk ♦ Grado RS2i ♦ Senn HD-650 ♦ Sony MDR-Z7
    ✈ Walkman NWZ-A17 Sony PHA-3 Shure SE535LTD
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