Nothing much to see here.
Nov 15, 1964 (Age: 57)
Minnetonka, MN
Work, work and more work.
Headphone Inventory
AudioQuest Nighthawk
Bose QC-25
Grado RS2i
MrSpeakers ETHER Open
Sennheiser HD 650, HD 660S
Sony MDR-Z7
STAX SR-30 + SR-4D
Sure SE846-CL, SE535LTD
Headphone Amp Inventory
Woo Audio WA3
Lehmann Audio Rhinelander
Massdrop Liquid Carbon X
NAD D 1050
NuForce Icon HDP + LPS-1 Linear PSU
NAD C 375BEE Integrated Amp
NAD C 162 Pre-amp
Pioneer VSX-1122-K AVR
Source Inventory
Rega RP3 table (Elys Mk2) + white belt + Rega TT-PSU + Rega Fono MM Mk II
Nakamichi 582 Cassette Deck
Nakamichi CR-3A Cassette Deck
Bryston BDP-1
Bluesound Node 2i
Mac Mini (2011, MinimServer, RoonServer)
MacBook Retina (15" 2013, Audirvana+) + iFi Micro USB 3.0 + Bel Canto REFLink
Bel Canto e.One DAC 2.5
Bel Canto e.One Stream
Rega DAC
NAD D 1050
NuForce Icon HDP
Marantz SA-15S2B Limited (Redbook & 2-channel SACD)
Onkyo C-S5VL (Redbook & 2-channel SACD)
Pioneer BDP-62FD (Surround SACD, DVD-Video/Audio and Blu-ray)
Sonos PLAY:5, Playbase, Sub, PLAY:1, et al.
Arcam rBlink (aptX Bluetooth) +
Sony Walkman NWZ-A17 + PHA-1A DAC/amp
Sony Walkman NW-A55 + PHA-3 DAC/amp
Sony Walkman WM1A
Cable Inventory
Curious USB Cables (2.0M, 1.0M and Regen Link)
Mad Scientist Audio Heretical Cable (1.0M coax)
iFi Mercury and Gemini Dual-Headed USB cables
Kimber: D-60 (Ag) coax, Hero (RCA + WBT-0114, Balanced XLR), Timbre & PBJ RCA
AudioQuest: Diamond OptiLink, Carbon AES/EBU, Carbon USB, Carbon coax, Mackenzie RCA
AQ Nighthawk: Moon Audio Black Dragon V2, Furutech 6.3mm
- Hybrid, Ultra Suede, Protein Leather Pads
MrSpeakers ETHER: DUM cable (6.3mm & 4-pin Balanced XLR)
Shure SE846-CL: Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3, Furutech 3.5mm, SONY Headphone MUC-M12SB1 4.4mm balanced
Senn HD-650: Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3, Furutech 6.3mm
Senn HD-660S: Sennheiser CH 650S High End Copper Connecting Cable
Sony MDR-Z7: Kimber Kable SE (6.3mm & 3.5mm) and Balanced (3.5mm x 2)
Power-Related Components
NuForce Linear Power Supply (LPS-1) (15v)
Welborne Labs Linear Power Supply (6v)
iFi-audio: iPurifier2, iUSB Micro 3.0, iPower (9v and 5v models)
UpTone Audio Regen
Furman PST 8D Advanced Level Power Conditioning
Panamax MR4300 Power Conditioner
Other Audio Equipment
Driver Tubes:
Electro-Harmonix 6922 (x2, New),
Amperex 7308 PQ Whites (x2, NOS, US, 66-37),
E88CC SQ 6922 (x2, NOS/NIB 1971, Philips Heerlen Holland),
6DJ8/ECC88 Bugle Boy (x2, NOS, Heerlen Holland) & Orange (x2, New Mfgr, Hungary),
Reflector Corp, Saratov 6H23p-EB (x2, Russian Military, NOS),
6N23p Matched QUAD REFLECTOR Single Wire Getter Post, SilverShield '74 (x4, NIB/NOS)
Siemens CCa (x2, NOS),
E88CC (x2, NOS),
E288CC (x2, NOS, re-branded Philips),
E288CC (x2, NOS, Munich, re-branded Telefunken),
Telefunken E188CC (x2, NOS),
E88CC 6922 (x2, NOS/NIB 1968, Ulm),
E88CC-TK (x2, Black Diamond, New Mfg. Slovakia)
Western Electric JW 2C51 (396A) (w/ 5670 TO ECC88 Socket Converter)
-- -- -- -- -- --
Power Tubes:
GE JAN 6080-WC (New Mfgr),
GEC 6AS7G Brown Base (x2, NOS),
RCA 6AS7G Black Plates (x4, NOS), 1951, 1954
Sovtek 6AS7G / Svetlana Winged C (x3, NOS),
Sylvania 7236 (x4, NOS),
Tung-Sol 7236 (x2, NOS),
6AS7G (x2, NOS) Winged-C,
6520 (x3, NOS),
5998 (x3, NOS, 1 re-branded as Chatham 2399),
Western Electric 421a (x5, NOS)
-- -- -- -- -- --
Amperex 6V4 EZ80 (z2, NOS, France),
Brimar EZ81 (x2, NOS, Black Plates),
Siemens EZ81 (x2, NOS)
Telefunken EZ80 (x2, NOS, 1 re-branded as National Electronics),
Audio-Related Tweaks
Mapleshade platforms, isoblocks, brass footers, tube dampers
Tube Monger socket savers
Music Preferences
Just about anything, except new country.
Classical music (mainly strings), jazz, electronica, ambient and metal.
Attend meetings; read and write e-mail.


Head-Fi Rig: 2TB SSD → Bryston BDP-1 (mpd) → Bel Canto DAC 2.5 → Woo Audio WA2 Sennheiser HD-650
Stereo Room: MacBook (AUDIRVĀNA Origin) → Bel Canto e.One Stream → NAD C 375BEE → Magnepan .7
Office: MacBook (AUDIRVĀNA Origin) → Bel Canto uLink → Rega Dac → Woo Audio WA3 → Sennheiser HD-660S