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RCA Cable for DAC to Speaker

  1. cssarrow

    I'm looking for an RCA -- > 3.5mm or RCA --> RCA

    For my NuForce Icon HDP to connect to Audioengine A5+.

    Would RCA to RCA be better than RCA to 3.5mm or vice versa? (Less cable = better sound right?)

    I currently use : http://www.amazon.com/Mediabridge-Stereo-Design-accommodates-SmartPhone/dp/B004YEBK66/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1353730446&sr=1-2&keywords=rca+to+3.5mm

    It is double shielded, but i doubt it's made from high purity copper (OFC)
    Thus, im looking into cables to buy. So far the NuForce Transient cables are on my mind since they are OFC and used use multiple litz conductors aranged in a star configuration to act less of an antenna.


    Your thoughts?
  2. goodolcheez
    RCA-RCA vs. RCA-3.5mm mini - they are about the same.  I would recommend you go RCA-RCA as it's more future proof.  There are not many speakers out there that use 3.5mm mini jack.
    I would recommend a single-ended RCA cables.  I learned from my mistakes in the past and I am giving you good advice now and you should take an advantage of.  Get a pair of Audioquest Diamondback for $170 for 1m, or $200 for 1.5m.  That's a good entry level cables for mid / high-end speakers that you may be using in the distant future...
    I personally want to go with the Audioquest Niagara later... $1800 for 1m. $2300 for 1.5m.

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