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Marshall Mode EQ, a very underrated set

  1. azmodien
    I liked the sound of the Marshall bluetooth speaker and think their headphones have one of the most satisfying sound signatures out there. I am using the "Mode EQ" in-ears at the moment and they are very nicely balanced. Definitely prominent in the bass department, but not in an exaggerated way. Nice detail in the highs with a pleasant tonality. A very unpretentious sound from people that obviously have experience with amplification. The switchable ÈQ function is a bit of a un-needed novelty for me, as I opt for the flattest sound possible. I do appreciate their re-enforced metal housing on the connector jack though, since that is the clear culprit for the quick demise of most earphones. I would recommend them to anyone with audio-OCD and just wants something musical at a good price.
  2. jant71
    Marshall is a decent. Hopefully the new stuff is better. I read the reviews on the new stuff and the EQ seems only slighty better than the cheaper Mode..."The Marshall Modes have very few issues when it comes to delivering excellent audio. They even outperformed the more expensive Mode EQs in some of our tests. If you’re looking for an above-average pair of in-ears for a reasonable price, the Modes deserve your attention."
    I think that for around $100 they are trying to get better but with the RE400, Titan 1, A151 2nd gen, and other similarly priced neutral-ish to warm-ish options they are only just catching up.
    Maybe the Mode will catch on and get a following but don't think Marshall has been very underrated at all for what they have brought so far. If they are stepping up and doing better they will get more mention.
  3. ohotonge
    This is very good earphones, actually.
    here are some measurements
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  4. DJScope
    A very typical V shape.
  5. ohotonge
    not really, most of V shape earphones dont have that level of linearity.
  6. DJScope
    Its got smooth transitions throught the frequencies but its still a prominent V shape.
  7. ohotonge
    well, to be V shape, you have to have a V, that means big peaks in bass and also in treble area, but in this case treble is very well restrained, which is very hard for dynamic earphones. So marshall did a pretty good job.
    This is the V shape;
  8. zirconeo
    Do these get better after burning in? Just got a pair and vocals sound a bit muffled in both modes... wondering if this will improve over time.  
  9. Inks
    Try covering the vent it has with tape, that may reduce the bass and make it clearer
  10. LittleWeirdo
    Hi, I want to buy new earphones but I cannot decide between Sennheiser CX 2.00G, Marshall Mode and Marshall Mode EQ. Could you please give me an advice?
  11. PopZeus
    Just got the Modes in (non-EQ version) and I've been enjoying the heck out of breaking them in. So far I think they might be my personal favorite pair of IEMs. I've been chasing after a pair of cheapish IEMS that would mimic the sound profile of the X2s (flat, smooth with boosted bass) and I think I may have found them!
  12. Turhuuksia
    Just bought a second set of modes, after losing my first ones. They are quite incredible with the right fit, the bass gets balanced out to a really neutral presentation. The two treble peaks are inaudible to me, and they are definitely not v-shaped, actually at one point I thought that the treble was a little recessed, probably because my main phones are beyerdynamics (with tp mod, but still a lot of treble). The old pair also went through washing machine, years in jeans pockets, yet the sound and build remained untouched.
    Oh, just checked and there actually is a difference between the eq and non-eq modes. It's slight though.
  13. fnzeee
    I have had a set of the standard Modes now for about a year.  I am happy to report that they have proven quite durable with heavy (weekly) travel, are comfortable, and the sound is quite good for the price range.  These have replaced my Westone W4's and several others which have proven not as durable.  I still prefer the Westones for sound quality, but when traveling I grab the Marshall's.
  14. PopZeus
    Tbh, the tips on the Modes are kinda thin so the bass tends to get drowned out easily on a noisy train. But in my house or the office where it's quieter, the Modes shine. The slight treble lift is a touch crispy (considering the price it's a non-issue) but actually nicely detailed and fun while also non-fatiguing.
  15. Luigi Milazzo
    I'd like to compare these to my Brainwavz B100, cause your words seem to describe both the iems...

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