1. E

    Marshall Major 3 wired or Anker SoundCore Q30

    The Marshall ones are about 90USD and the Q30s are 75USD. Which one has the better sound experience? Thanks!
  2. G

    Best headphones for a specific user.

    Hi. For a while I've been thinking about getting a new pair of headphones, but I'm still undecided. I'm a huge fan of SOAD, thought I also enjoy stuff like Rise Against, 5FDP and similiar (sometimes even a bit of classical music), so I'd like them to sound nice. I use headphones mostly in the...
  3. aceedburn

    Marshall Major 3

    Just got the Marshall Major 3 wired version shipped directly from Sweden at USD89. A quick mini review follows. Sound is warm with deep refined bass, clear and detailed mids and smooth highs with no sibilance. For the price, this is one heck of a headphone. I tried them with my iPhone 8 Plus...
  4. Windforce0511

    Bose QC25 vs Marshall Monitor?

    I have Marshall monitor and possibility upgrade to Bose QC 25. Should I 'upgrade'? What about sound quality?
  5. Iuke

    Marshall monitor wired vs bluetooth

    I am considering to buy either the bluetooth monitor or it's wired version but I'm not quite sure about a couple of things. To be honest if I had the bluetooth, I would mostly use it with the wire because sound quality is pretty much everything to me. The reason for me why I might opt for...
  6. Iuke

    Beyerdynamic 770 32 vs Marshall Monitor

    I have been looking to buy a headphone and having done some research I came down to these two headphones. I looked at all the headphones available for around 100-150 euro's and for each make of headphones I tested a couple of headphones and these were my conclusions: The Sony's produce in my...
  7. Iuke

    What Headphone should I buy? €150

    Hi I'm looking to buy a heaphone but I really don't know were to start looking since their is so much to choose from. Right now I use the AKG 518LE (on-ear headphone) and to be fair it's fairly decent. The sound is ok and it's quite tight on the ears but it did what it had to do for €45. The...
  8. Ubie

    I need your help on this quest

    Hey all! I need your help in finding my next headphone. I came to you on reccomendation of a friend who said you guys helped him a lot in finding his next headphone, so I hope you will be able to help me in the same way.   My current headphone is a Marshall Mayor (wired, first edition, not the...
  9. azmodien

    Marshall Mode EQ, a very underrated set

    I liked the sound of the Marshall bluetooth speaker and think their headphones have one of the most satisfying sound signatures out there. I am using the "Mode EQ" in-ears at the moment and they are very nicely balanced. Definitely prominent in the bass department, but not in an exaggerated way...
  10. Minarets

    Marshall monitors or Sol republic master tracks

    I am interested in both these but there isn't a ton of info and reviews out there. I actually am more interested in the Calvin Harris XC model of matter tracks vs the monitors Thoughts?