I need your help on this quest
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Mar 31, 2016
Hey all! I need your help in finding my next headphone. I came to you on reccomendation of a friend who said you guys helped him a lot in finding his next headphone, so I hope you will be able to help me in the same way.
My current headphone is a Marshall Mayor (wired, first edition, not the new Marshal Mayor II). But it's on it's last breath and now I'm looking for a replacement. My Marshall has been through a lot. I use it every day on my commute to work (doesn't matter the weather) and it's inline mic/music control is something I use a lot on my bike to work.
What am I looking for in my next heaphones? There are a few criteria:
  1. It has to be an over-ear headphone. This is the most important one. My current marshall is an on-ear model and it really hurts my ears when I wear it for a long period. (especially when I'm wearing my glasses)
  2. It needs to have a mic/control option.
  3. My budget is around $150. I can go a bit over that, but not by too much.
I have searched a bit on my own and these are some of the options I found:
  • Marshall Monitor: An over-ear variant of my current Marshall. I'm very satisfied of the build quality of my current one so hopefully this has the same.
  • Sony MDR-ZX770BN: A few reviews I read gave this one a pretty good score. It has a few nice extra's like optional bluetooth and noice canceling. 
Thanks in advance for the help guys!
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While I haven't used either headphone, one thing that is a plus for the Sony MDR-ZX770BN is that it can be used passively, so when the charge runs out, you can still go wired and still have music. You won't have the noise-cancelling or Bluetooth, but at least you'll still have audio. Granted, the Marshall Monitor doesn't have noise-cancelling or Bluetooth, so it's not a concern for that headphone either way.
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Thanks for the help guys. Unfortunately is the AKG a bit above my budget. But I'm going to see if I can't up my budget a bit. Thanks again for the recommendations.
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The earpads on my AKG K545 wore out totally, to the point the foam sticked out from the pleather, in a year or so. You probably won't find any online dealers who sell the original ear pads (correct me if i'm wrong). The part that keeps the cups on the headband/hinges got quite loose. I don't know if the jack is durable as I switched the original cables to a generic cheap one as I didn't need the mic nor the iOS controls. Otherwise still works fine, the adjusters are firm, and the sound didn't really change over the time.

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