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Apr 17, 2019
Jan 9, 2014
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100+ Head-Fier

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Apr 17, 2019
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    Home: MDR-Z1R, Audioquest Dragonfly Red, Macbook Pro, Tidal MQA-- -Biking: OurArt T17, iPhone 6, Spotify Running: Noble Dulce Bass, Noble DAC/AMP cable, iPhone 6, Tidal---Grocery store: iSine 10, Audeze Cipher Cable, iPhone 6, Tidal---Feeling Portland: Campfire Audio Nova, Litz cable, iPhone 6, Tidal---Feeling Analytical: Sony MDR 7520, ADL Furutech cable, Macbook Pro, Dragonfly Red, Tidal MQA---Feeling Frugal: KZ ZSR, Colorfly C3
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