CanJam New York 2024 Impressions Thread (March 9-10, 2024)
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CanJam New York 2024 has officially landed, and it's your turn to spill the beans! Which headphones stole your heart? Found any game-changing sources or amps? Stumbled upon some jaw-dropping tunes? Crossed paths with awesome folks? Got a seminar that blew your mind? Share your CanJam New York 2024 adventures with us!

Didn't catch our CanJam New York sneak peek? Dive into our (insanely massive) Preview Video here and get a glimpse of all the auditory delights waiting for you at CanJam New York 2024!

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Good Morning New Yor.......k :beerchug:

Cayin will debut a new DAP at CanJam New York. The N3Ultra DAP is our second DAP with the JAN6418 NOS subminiature vacuum tube. It also incorporates our latest Gen3 Vacuum Tube Audio Circuit. which first appeared in our flagship limited edition N30LE DAP earlier this year. With the choice of two tube timbers, and when the tube timbers are available to all analog outputs including but not limited to line out, the useability of the vacuum tube installation is expanded to a different horizon

Please check out the N3Ultra DAP at MusicTeck Booth (B5-B8), the SRP of the N3Ultra is US$529 and will be available by the second week of April 2024.


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With support from ZMF Headphones, Cayin will demo our new desktop Persona Audio products at Winter Garden and Music Box on the 6th Floor.

Newly announced:
HA-2A: All Vintage NOS Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier,
iHA-8: High Power "Hyper" Solid State Headphone Amplifier,
iDAC-8: Dual Timbre Digital to Analog Converter,
iDAP-8: Android-based Digital Streamer,

Other products:
Vacuum Tube headphone amplifier: HA-3A, HA-6A and HA-300MK2


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I am here with @Muinarc !

Was exploring SoHo yesterday and we learned about the Ho naming: South Houston St/North Houston St. Not to be confused with SoCal's SoHo and NoHo: South Hollywood/North Hollywood.

Ate at Lombardi's pizza, and was some good stuff. I know some New Yorker's don't consider it 'New York' pizza in the classical sense, but it was a really solid Neapolitan style pizza with a history in NYC.


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Good Morning CanJam NYC!

Join the dCS team today in our relaxed listening lounge- located in the Palace Room.

Experience the full dCS Lina series- Bartók APEX Headphone DAC & Rossini APEX DAC paired with the new silver Lina Headphone Amplifier &Lina Master Clock.

Pair our systems with an extensive range of top-end headphones, including ZMF, Audeze, Abyss, Meze, Hifiman, Spirit Torino, Focal and Sennheiser.

We’re delighted to announce that Susan Rogers – a psychoacoustician and former mixer / producer for Prince, Barenaked Ladies, and David Byrne – will be visiting the dCS Lina Lounge on Saturday 9th March.

Susan Rogers will host two private talks in the dCS Lina Lounge at CanJam NYC, followed by a relaxed Q&A.

2.00- 2.30pm

4.00- 4.30pm

Slots are limited - so head to our room & enquire inside to sign up, or sign up via Eventbrite here.

See you there!

Susan Rogers_ announcement post.png
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The line has begun!

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More pictures!!
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NightJar Acoustics Singularity. Watercooler 2023 Midfi IEM of the Year.


FIR Audio Radon 6. Watercooler 2023 IEM of the Year

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Line outside Bloom Audio for free stuff
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Good morning New York City. The first official meeting of the Watercooler gang took place last night at Becco Italian Restaurant. We are well rested and ready to rock and roll.

I truly wished that all the watercooler could indentify themselves

Grey Tshirt - Jeff 😅
Yellow Sweatshirt - Hifi Hawai ??😅🤣😅 Just guessing guys

Have fun!!

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