1. Ubie

    I need your help on this quest

    Hey all! I need your help in finding my next headphone. I came to you on reccomendation of a friend who said you guys helped him a lot in finding his next headphone, so I hope you will be able to help me in the same way.   My current headphone is a Marshall Mayor (wired, first edition, not the...
  2. Klipschfan

    Klipsch X11i vs Marshall Monitor

    Hello, I'm somewhat of a Craigslist maniac. I love looking through the listing and seeing what bargains I can find. Well today I saw a pair of Klipsch x11is for $150 and the Marshall Monitor for $100. Which one do you think delivers better sound quality? I already have the Harman Kardon BT...
  3. JamesM

    Marshall's new cans, the Monitor headphones

    Hi guys, here is some intriguing highlights off an official product debute.       Marshall Monitor is embossed with a white script logo and black vinyl leather, evoking the spirit of those legendary vintage amps, while the heavy-duty cast metal hinges, brass accents and plug...
  4. Marshall 04090800 Monitor Over-The-Ear Headphones - Black

    Marshall 04090800 Monitor Over-The-Ear Headphones - Black

    Marshall's Monitor Headphones embody the power and strength that is Marshall in a headphone with hi-fi prowess and epic sound. The first-ever over-ear model from Marshall Headphones, the Monitor's slender over-ear construction delivers superior noise isolation without the bulk, staying light on...