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Marshall's new cans, the Monitor headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamesm, May 2, 2013.
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  1. JamesM
    Hi guys, here is some intriguing highlights off an official product debute.
    Marshall Monitor is embossed with a white script logo and black vinyl leather, evoking the spirit of those legendary vintage amps, while the heavy-duty cast metal hinges, brass accents and plug make it full-out roadworthy. Monitors completely detachable double-ended coil cord with mic and remote can be worn on either the right or left side. Use the extra 3.5mm socket to share your music. It’s really cool, right? When you’re done, fold ‘em up stow them away in the canvas carrying pouch for easy transport and safe storage.
    Also, the double-ended coil cord with mic and remote is completely detachable so you can decide which side you prefer to wear it. Use the empty 3.5mm socket to share your music with someone else. That’s really nice and handy, isn’t it?
    Resonating with the power of live performance, Monitor produces deep bass with extended highs, and natural, well-balanced mids. Its custom-made low distortion 40mm drivers cover the whole frequency range audible to the human ear, and even at high playback levels, the sound is punchy, dynamic and clear. The Monitor also comes with the F.T.F System, allowing you to customize your sound.
    Custom made 40mm dynamic driver
    100mV@1kHz=99dB SPL

    So what do you guys think about this cans?
  2. BillsonChang007
    Thanks for sharing! These seems interesting! If I ever find these in the street, I will find it and I will review it here XD
    Billson :D
  3. JamesM
    hi there,
    i've hardly seen any review on Marshall's myself. so i'm really looking forward to one. its F.T.F system  looks awfully interesting, though in  terms of functionality, i am not sure if it lives up to today's standard.
  4. martybm5
  5. vackraord
    I bought a pair of Marshall Major just when they was released and they were/are total piece of crap. Even if these wouldn't be as bad Im pretty confident that they won't be good value for the money... It's like with Marshall solid state guitar amps, they look the business but sound crap. [​IMG]
  6. BillsonChang007
    The build quality seem reliable ~
  7. tinyman392
    Tyll said something about them just recently getting an actual audio engineer to tune their headphones.  Their newer models are more promising, like the 50th Ani Major; it's actually pretty good sounding.
  8. Christo4

    Why were they releasing headphones without an audio engineer in the first place? That alone makes me not want to buy from them...
  9. barid
    Had the Majors when they came out.  Can't say I was too impressed, I did like the build/styling but the sound was bleh.  Probably would not buy another Marshall branded headphone unless there was an overwhelming amount of praise heaped on them from many reviewers.
    AudioTroll likes this.
  10. tinyman392
    This is a good question, I honestly don't know.  They are owned by the same company that owns Coloud and Urbanears...  Both of which were originally, IMO, released for looks.  Audio quality was always lacking for them, so they decided to get someone in that could engineer the drivers.
    Tyll said the same thing.  But he was impressed with the 50th aniversary edition Majors (which were tuned by the new engineer).
    All this said, I do have a pair of Monitor now...  I have to say, I'm impressed.
  11. inthere
    I was also extremely impressed by the 50th Anniversary Majors and I'll have a pair of Monitors by Thursday. I'll give a full review in about a week.
  12. D K A
    This one looks good and interesting
    But can this can sound as good as it looks?
    anyone ever tried?
  13. ssrock64
    I want to hear more. Anybody Head-Fier got a few words they could pitch in on how they sound (I'm looking at you two, tinyman392 and inthere)?
  14. Ishcabible
  15. inthere
    I've had mine for about a week. I do a DJ set tomorrow night with them and I'll have a review ready Monday
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