What Headphone should I buy? €150
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Apr 29, 2017

I'm looking to buy a heaphone but I really don't know were to start looking since their is so much to choose from.

Right now I use the AKG 518LE (on-ear headphone) and to be fair it's fairly decent. The sound is ok and it's quite tight on the ears but it did what it had to do for €45.

The music I listen to mostley is the more classic stuff:
- Jazz (Duke Ellington, Art blakey)
- Rock (Bowie, Europe, Deep Purple, Cutting Crew, Bryan Ferry, 10CC, ...)
- Soul (Aretha Franklin)
- Indie (Bat for Lashes, Birdy)
- Electronic (Kavinsky, Daft Punk, ...)

So the criteria for the headphone I'm looking for are these:
- Perfectly able to cope with the genres I listen to
- Good quality and well balanced sound, clear with enough bass (what the artist intended)
definetely better than my AKG
- On-ear or over-ear
- Comfy for at least 3 hours
- Possible to do some jogging/ cycling
- I would love it if it looks good (either neutral and modern or if possible vintage like Marshall headphones)
- Calbe or bluetooth (sound is more important than practicality)
- Around the 150 euro budget

The headphones I've looked at are these: (prices in Belgium)
- Marshall monitors (€150)
- Marshall major 2's (€79)
- Sony MDR-1A (€129)
- Sennheiser HD 380 (€149)
- Sennheiser momentum on ear (€149)
- Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250ohm (€138)
- Bose Soundlink on ear BT (€179)

If someone has any suggestions, maybe you listen to the same music or you have listened to some of these headphones, feel free to respond.


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My vote is for the BD DT770 Pro. Only other set I've tried on the list is the Sony MDR's and the 770s were better. More comfy to wear. Just gave a better audio response.

Thanks for the reply.

I thought so too but to have a better idea, I'm planning on tesing a couple next week. I also stumbled upon the
Grado SR80e. From the reviews I read these seem to fit my genres of music (or do all headphones handle each and every genre quite well?)

But what about Marshall and Bose? Do you just pay for the brand itself because I couldn't find a lot of recommendations for them in my price range.

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So I went to a store near where I live where I could look at some of the headphones on my list. I would already scrap the sennheisers since I honestly find them too ugly to have on your head. I also tried some Boses but wasn't too impressed also it didn't really fit well on me. Like the Boses, the marshall major's did't fit me comfortably either. then I tried on the marshall monitors and they sat on my ears just perfectly (i guess i have rather small ears) I couldn't try the sound though since the cable was in the box. The beyerdynamics, Grado's and sony's weren't available in the store so I am defenitely choosing a headphone out of these 4 choices:

- Marshall monitor
- Grado SR80e
- Sony MDR-1A
- Beyerdynamic dt 770 pro (32ohm)

Any others remarks? Someone that tried some of these maybe?
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I am pretty sure now that I'll go with the marshall monitors. They sit very nice on my head, isolate the noice brilliantly have a great sound without the FTF system and they look very stylish. but now I have to chose between wired and bluetooth. To be honest if I had the bluetooth, I would mostly use it with the wire still because sound quality is pretty much everything to me.
The reason for me why I might opt for bluetooth is because it enables me to move more freely during sports which I do for about 6 hours a week.
Also (if i'm correct) with the bluetooth one, there's a button which you can use for changing volume, tracks, etc. and the normal version you can only change tracks.

I do wonder, if you use the bluetooth version with it's wire, can you still use the button on the ear-cup to change tracks, volume, answer calls, etc? While ofcourse still having the quality of the wired version.

The last thing I wanted to ask is about amps. Does using an (portable) amp improve sound quality and volume when using it with these headphones and a phone/ laptop?
If it does I might consider buying such a thing from marshall.


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