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earphones recommendation for iphoen 5 / 100$

  1. sabag123
    Hi , I'm looking for Earphones for Iphone 5 with good quality.
    price : 100$
    I'm looking for earphones only and not over-ear.
    Thanks !
  2. D K A
    You need mic? If you don't need i think Shure 215 or Shure 215 SPE will be good for you
  3. Glow Fish
    Westone UM1. I have a number of much more expensive IEMs, but think the UM1 really punch above their weight. And the small form factor is great.
  4. cravenz
    Think the OP could use an existing thread, but that being said...the OP should state listening preferences before we go off on one and list recommendations.
  5. sabag123
    rock , electronic ,dubstep
    i currently have SHURE SE215 they are great but i can't wear them because they are over-ear.
  6. zhensing
    Klipsch s40i ! currently using that with my 5.
  7. Berkovajazz
    Etymotic ER6,HF-series, Sunrise Xcape IE, HiFiman RE400. All of them will be good with iPhone 5 plus your music.
  8. lwien
    I'm using the newest generation of the Shuffle and I assume that it uses the same amp circuitry as the iPhone, so if my assumption is correct, which of the following would be easier to drive thru the shuffle, or would they all basically be the same:
    Shure 215
    Klipsch x10
    TDK BA-200
    I'm really having a hard time deciding between these.  My musical taste spans many genre's of music, from rock to folk, to classical....it's really all over the map, so it's kinda hard to nail down a specific signature.

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