1. sabag123

    earphones recommendation for iphoen 5 / 100$

    Hi , I'm looking for Earphones for Iphone 5 with good quality. price : 100$ I'm looking for earphones only and not over-ear. Thanks !
  2. MSHDigit

    What are comparable IEMs to Sunrise Xcape IEs with similar pricing and sound quality?

    Hello Head-fiers,   I've gone through two pairs of Sunrise Xcape IEs which each only lasted me a few weeks due to their durability issues which are laughable at best.  They always overheated and eventually the wiring came unattached in one side in both pairs, meaning that one ear was...
  3. WonDerBr34D

    Help with a $100 budget on new IEMs

    I'm fairly settled on the Shure se215, Westone 1, or the HiFiMAN RE-400. I have used the ATH M50's for the past year and love their sound signature. The summer is simply too hot to be wearing them around so I decided on a pair of IEMs. I listen to rock, metal and classical. Any advice would be...
  4. sashakrik

    Need recommendation for in-ears to use with LG G2 phone

    Hello everyone ! About 8 months ago i bought the Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition, I love their sound signature - i'm normally listening to electronic music (House, Dubstep) and Rap/Hip-Hop. There are few things that i didn't love in these in-ears so i want to replace them with a new pair...
  5. sashakrik

    Bought new in-ears Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition had few questions

    Hi, I have bought last weak a new pair of in-ears Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition.   I have noticed that the sound is weaker than my previous in-ears - Sennheiser CX300II Although the sound source is the same - my old iPhone 3GS.   In addition i didn't understand what is the purpose of the...
  6. LordSnail123

    Durable IEM for Classical Under 100

    Hello fellow Head-fiers,  Can you please point me in a direction for listening to classical music with IEMs? I'd prefer to keep the price between $50 and $100. The most important factor for me is durability, because I don't want to be buying new IEMs every month  I'm considering Hifiman...
  7. todd92371

    Which IEM with no, "For the money" status?

    Just wondering which IEM sounds way beyond it's price. One that you would buy even if it cost alot more? I guess.... one that you would call a sleeper in the low price world. :)

    Good IEM's for Under $100

    Right now I'm looking for a set of decent IEM's that I can wear everywhere.  The headphones I currently use is my V-Moda Crossfade LP paired with my Fiio E6.   I MOSTLY listen to Hip-Hop.  Occasionally I like to listen to Alternative Rock, Techno/Dubstep, and only SOME iTunes top 20.  I'm...
  9. eltocliousus

    £100 IEMs, a little confused on what to get.

    I'm currently using a Sansa clip+ and FiiO E11, and looking to upgrade from my Brainwavz M4s, I've set a budget of £100 ($160) but I can't make a decision and would like some opinions, my music preferences are varied, I listen to just about everything except rock/metal, emphasis on vocal...
  10. blackz88

    Good suggestiong for IEMS<$100

    So my monster turbines broke today after a year so i decided to try out something new in the $100 or less range. I loved my turbines, althought they dont really classify as a balanced sound but it was very BASS HEAVY thus making me love em. I wana try out something new or similar to my...
  11. belushka

    Best IEMs under 80 $. POLL added.

    Hi, can you tell me which are the best IEMs under 80$ ?  I listen to rock, metal, pop, reggae, classical, electronica, house. I narrowed it down to these four. Which of them do you think are best and why?
  12. kaiss3r

    Portable Amplifier's real purpose?

    Hi guys! As the title says, I'm concern on what really is the purpose of having an portable amplifier such as Fiio amps and etc...   1) Is an amplifier only for gears with a high impedances?   2) What if my gears have the typical impedances (16ohms, 32ohms, 60ohms), can I still use an...
  13. Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition

    Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition

    The SW-Xcape is a more balanced IEM with a sweet midrange and nice bass, yet never compromises detail anywhere in the spectrum, notably the highs. Highs are neither in the forefront or in the background; they are balanced with the rest of the spectrum and are present as the recording dictates...