1. Table

    Best IEM for <$200

    I currently use Klipsch Image s4's and I am planning on upgrading soon. I mainly listen to indie/alternative rock. Thank you for helping.
  2. georgebuchs

    Ultimate Ears 700 or Yamaha EPH-100 or TDK BA200 or Klipsch Image X10 or Shure SE215 or Shure SE315

    Hi i am looking for a new pair of IEM i had monster turbines but lost them. I use an ipod nano 6th gen with 320kps songs and Fiio E6.I listen to R&B rap hip hop and house dubstep music.So if you had to chose from one of these "Ultimate Ears 700 or Yamaha EPH-100 or TDK BA200 or Klipsch Image X10...
  3. phinael

    Looking for a pair of IEMs, $50-$150 range - need advice, the variety is a bit overwhelming.

    I have tried to do my fair share of research but in the end I would much rather decide based on people's opinion than my own limited understanding.    Now while I understand that some headphones sound better on different types of music and source material, there is also a subjective "sound...
  4. jailhouselounge

    Need earphones upgrade advice

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade from my old audeo 022 with grey filters. I'm currently looking into vsonic gr07 mkII, gr01, v1001, fischer dba 02, or tdk ba200. I'm looking for something balanced to analytical, not too warm within the price frame of those earphones mentioned. Which would you...
  5. jackson

    IEM for hip hop/house/jazz?

    Looking at: TDK BA200 Rockit R50 PFE 112/122 Source: laptop/iPhone, generally unamped but considering a portable. Which of those would you recommend? Which could also handle vocals pretty well? I just got the CKM500 and like the sound but its a bit boomy but Fun. I do Miss the clarity of my...
  6. PeterCheng

    Which IEM should I choose? UE 600 or other alternatives?

    Ive only heard UE 600 and i find that it has 'airy' and forward mids that im in love with. However after searching for more discussions, I found that its built is not that desirable. Just want to ask if i want ue600-ish signature mids and crisp highs, better durability, will there be any iem...
  7. Free167

    JVC HA-FXT90L2 vs TDK BA200?

    Hi all,   I'm considering upgrading from my current pair of Denon AH-C560R to something better, especially for the mids.  I have singled out 2 candidates - JVC HA-FXT90L2 and TDK BA200.  Anyone got an opinion on which of these are "better"?   Thanks!
  8. Sauce021

    Help deciding on IEMS, please!

    HI everyone. I'm new here. Let me get right to the point.  Okay. So I've been doing a ton of research on many different IEMs. I've only just found out that there are far more superior IEMs than Bose has to offer in that price bracket. I wanted some expert advice on which to choose...
  9. 1337RYoN

    Which earphone is the best among these?

    Hello. I'm planning to buy a pair of good earphones and would like to request your opinion on them. I'm currently considering the following. -Shure SE215 -Nocs NS400 -V-Moda Remix Remote -TDK BA200 -Klipsch Image S4i (II) -Westone UM1 -HiFiMan RE400 I'm looking for earphones with...
  10. Zashoomin

    Best IEM under $200

    Hello, I was looking for IEM because the headphones I have at home all are amazing but they are not all too portable.  As said above I would love a pair under $200.  I will be using them with my phone, and can get a portable amp if needed.  I am looking for something more neutral, but not too...
  11. Icytom

    Best In-Ear headphones for under or around $150.00?

    I am looking for some higher end headphones on a budget but I dont know much about what is on the market. Please help.
  12. sabag123

    earphones recommendation for iphoen 5 / 100$

    Hi , I'm looking for Earphones for Iphone 5 with good quality. price : 100$ I'm looking for earphones only and not over-ear. Thanks !
  13. dSmurf

    HELP!!! All rounder IEM under $200

    Hi Guys!!!  I'm just new on head-fi , i'm looking for an IEM that will suit my music style under $200 cause i can't bring my he-400 since its pretty heavy, it must be an all rounder one since i really do appreciate all genre in terms of music but here's my routine:   MORNING: I listen to...
  14. mzangus

    IEM for under $200

    I am currently a user of the Apple Earpods, but I want to upgrade to something much better, while staying under $200 (currently using an iPod Touch 5)   What I am looking for: Great build quality (to last me a couple years) Very low leakage, preferably none at all Comfort Must sound...
  15. Iroaseta

    My iem just broke and need a replacement...

    Previously, I was planning to get Xba 30 to replace my Xba 1. Before I could place an order for it, something happened and I had to use the fund for it to compensate what I need to deal first. I wasn't feeling too unhappy since I still have Xba 1 and just a few hours ago, it get teared into two...
  16. DeLuX

    Where do I go next?

    So yeah I've not been an all to active member here (you guys are kind of intimadating with your jargon), though I read post and threads every day, at length... Im not new to the world of audio or that of headphones, but I seek your assistance.   I exclusively listen to trance/edm but this...
  17. tehsprayer

    Cheapest Place to get BA-200

    The best IEM around seems to be the TDK BA200 and was wondering where is the cheapest place to buy and shipped to Canada (I can ship to Michigan and pick up if needed to avoid duties) This IEM sold by Amazon just upped their price to $170 and the rest around $150 are Japan Imports which I feel...
  18. tomscy2000

    The Custom-Molded Chronicles: My Journey Through The World of CIEMs --- A Retrospective

    This is a retrospective narrative of my continuing journey through the world of CIEMs.   It’ll be interwoven with more conventional sound impressions and technical analyses of the products that I've bought or tried over this past year, but will mainly be a qualitative reflection of my audio...
  19. Rush-n-crush

    Help me choose. DN -1000, Gro7 BE, TDK 200, Sony XBA-H1, jvc fxt90, yamaha eph 100

    Or other. I love bass, listen to all genres but mostly hip hop. Also would be using the iem for heavy gaming/movies. So a big soundstage is ideal as well as good 3d imaging. I own a pair of vsd1 that sound great for $50 also a fiio e17. Any of these iems would be a biggish uograde over the vsd1?
  20. rbf1138

    Which tips am I looking for?

    I'm trying to figure out which kind of tips I have that I really like so I can buy extra pairs. The main issue is I love the small silicone tips that come with the CK100Pros because they offer me the best fit when on my TDK BA200s, but I'm getting rid of the CK100Pros! Where can I buy these same...
  21. estreeter

    Best isolation up to ~100USD ?

    Hi All,        I just want something for the flights I'll be taking in 2014, esp SYD-KUL. In addition to the time you spend on the plane, there are the hours at the airport with Klaxon-style announcements and a general barrage of chatter around you - I just want to zone out. Pretty much any...
  22. Blaalad12

    Suggestions please :)

    Hi guys, Long time since i posted here but iam interested in buying a good pair of iem's ! I currently own a pair of full sized he500s and i also own tdk ba200 iem. Now maybe the he500's have spoiled me, i dont know, but i just never really got in to the tdk's . Its like there missing something...
  23. estreeter

    Most expensive pair of IEMs you've ever lost ....

    More than a little down this morning here in Thailand - had an absolute blinder last night but it would seem that I've lost the one pair of expensive IEMs that really did it for me (my Shures have been a major disappointment from day one, but the Westones were great). Given the relative ease...
  24. Swimsonny

    [REVIEW] TDK EB950: For a Chilled Experience

    TDK EB950 Review   Introduction:   I have now owned a lot of TDK’s earphone/headphones and I have had a mixed back of experiences. The BA200 was amazing, one of the best IEMs I have heard and of great value but then the BA100 that followed that let me down a bit. This is the IEM that sits...
  25. bluesnrock

    Anyone know where I can buy the ba200

    Anyone know of a good site? I've been looking for a solid pair of balanced iems and these seem to fit the bill. I hear it was going for $120 last year so if there's a reputable dealer selling it for that much, please post it